A history lesson from Professor Wanye

Anyone here remember February 16, 2008? We do. We were still reeling from the fact that Angelina Jolie hadn’t responded to the garbage bag of our hair that we had sent her for Valentine’s Day. We’d been collecting it all year as a token of our love, and had our heart broken for the fourth year in a row by Mrs Brad Pitt.

Anyway, we thought we would get over our heartache the only way we know how: by sitting down to watch the Oil lose 4–2 to the Canucks. But rather than worsening our Jolie rejected mood, the Oil showed the start of the fire that has put them in this improbable playoff battle.

At the end of the game it descended into fight night as you can see in the video above. Everyone fought everyone. Gagner fought Kesler, Glencross fought Weaver, Stortini fought everyone that had a Canucks jersey. Cogliano wrestled with his good looks, MacT fought the urge to lace up the skates and go lay a beating on anyone who looked at him sideways.

The Oilers started something Feb. 16 that they need to continue tonight. The decided that they would not fade quietly into the night, that there was something worth fighting for: pride.

Fast forward a little over one month to tonight’s game. The Oil are the only team between sixth and tenth with any momentum and they are fighting for the playoffs. If Gagner’ll fight Kesler over pride, imagine what he’ll do with his tiny stick for a playoff spot.

Yes on this first day of spring there are many things to look forward to: seeing our lawn again, American Idol, and of course Pokemon figurines. But there’s also something much more important: the beating the Oilers are going to lay on the Canucks that started one month ago, continues tonight, and ends with the Oil in round one of the playoffs.

Its go time, lambs. Lock and load.