Brownlee spills the beans


The Nation’s own big, bad Robin Brownlee was interviewed over at PunjabiOil this week. Check it out:

“The journalism business? Once I realized lack of natural ability and work ethic, not to mention a broken back at the age of 20, would make it nearly impossible to continue my mediocre athletic career beyond the level of weekend warrior, I had to find a way to stay near the games I loved — pretty much all of them, but especially hockey, baseball and lacrosse. That’s it, really.

Best part of the job has been the ability to make a good living doing something I enjoy and have not yet lost my zeal for. Corny, but true.”

Ain’t that sweet? Old RB’s a softy after all! A softy who will likely now pummel us for even saying so. Just another fantastical Thursday at the Nation…