Pumping seven into the Avs’ net makes goaltending irrelevant

Those of you who know how we roll at the Nation know that we ghost ride the whip anytime anything good happens round these parts. If you haven’t already had a chance, ghost ride it by clicking on the link above then get down to reading.

If you’re the Avs and you sit there and come into Edmonton you are thinking two things.

Why are our jerseys burgundy? This is one of the worst colours in the color matrix.

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We have to keep a lid on the Oilers at all costs.

After the game the Avs can be sure of two things. Burgundy is still lame, and you have definitely allowed seven goals against the Oil. Disappointing for the Avs, good-time chucky for the Oil. If the Oilers can pull out another win against the Avs, it really doesn’t matter what else the Predators can do down the stretch. It’s the Oilers and the Avalanche duking it out down the stretch. And the Avs are old and the Oil are drunk. And the Avs are fading and the Oilers are rising. And the Avs are out and the Oil are in.

One other thought: How sad does Ryan Smyth look these days? Man, it broke our heart watching him today. When Roloson went after him after he had the audacity to score a goal on him (later called back) Smyth just stood there and looked like a kid who has been adopted by another family, and has come back to a family reunion to find his parents won the lottery in his absence.