Sakic? No YOU Sakic!


I laughed. I cried. It gave me the best feeling I’ve ever had on a Saturday afternoon (except that time I saw a matinee of a generic, non-descript Jason Statham movie but that’s between Mr Statham and I).

I’m always re-learning the lesson that hockey is a fast paced game and deserves your respect. As a person who sometimes likes to mix things up, I watched the first period of Saturday’s game at home in the caring, gentle arms of my couch. No doubt it was our period. Starting with Penner (and his purdy eyes) followed by Gagner (who I would love to sit down, make him a bowl of soup and call him “champ” as I scruff up his hair) and finishing the period with Pisani.

During first intermission I headed out to watch second period with my brother—who, shamefully, had the times wrong and missed the first period completely. Second period turned out to be the calm before the storm. With the exception of Smyth’s boarding penalty (uncalled for if you ask me but he’s been lashing out since trimming his luscious mullet) it was a good old second period.

Seeing as we were up 4–1 by second intermission I figured I would head home. After all, at 4–1 the game was in the bag. I’ve come to regret that statement. By the time I made my way into my living room and turned on the magical invention they call a television, a lump crept its way into my throat and the butterflies in my stomach began to disgorge. How in the name of Gary Bettman’s Dignity could it be 4–4?!

I thought for a moment that I accidently got into my DeLorean with a faulty flux capacitor and ended up in some parallel universe. Unfortunately that was not the case, it really was 4–4.

Luckily, our boys brought sexy back. Between Pouliot and Gagner we had our one point lead. Marty “Party” Reasoner was given the goal due to the ill-advised hooking of Stastny (thanks Stastny, nice try but it would have happened anyway).

Seven to five. Now just a few more points and we can show all the naysayers sitting in their towers that they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about.