Some perspective from the Minny Media


Weird… it took the Minnesota media to really put things into perspective for me, with this article from the Star Tribune (discovered using the Nation’s handy news aggregator). Here’s a nice excerpt:

“Six weeks ago, the Oilers sat in 14th place in the Western Conference with 59 points. Today, after winning 12 of 15, they are 10th with 83 points —three behind Colorado and Vancouver.”

However you slice it, the Oil have had an unreal stretch run to the end of the season. With five games to go, and a tight race between Vancouver, Nashville, Colorado and Edmonton, the next two weeks will prove to be heart-wrenching in the same way that Old Yeller is heart-wrenching. Except in this scenario, the Oilers are rabies. Because they’re winning.

OK, that particular metaphor got away from me. But you get the idea.

Go Oil!

  • fyvmvv

    I've always felt eastern Alphbet sports channels and all the talking heads really treat the Oilers and most western NHL teams like red-headed step-children. However, I was watching the Spin tonight and they were both pulling for the Oilers. The host still doesn't think they will make it. On a couple of the shows they were actually doing stories on the 'Gagner gang' et al. Even if most commentators are loathe to say they believe the Oilers have even a ghost of a chance, they are taking notice. I have to believe none of the playoff teams want to meet the Oilers anywhere in this playoff year. After what they did in '06 I'm sure Detroit would like to avoid them. Could the Oil become the 800 lb gorilla in other dressing rooms should they pull off the impossible? If even MacT is checking score boards how many teams are sneaking a peak over their shoulders when the Oil play? Give 'em hell Oilers, as Messier liked to say, "there ain't nothing to save it for"!