The wrong choice between the pipes

Garon where Roloson should have sat… In a pre-game poll on the Hockey’s Future fan website, respondents voted 150–14 that Mathieu Garon should get the start ahead of Dwayne Roloson against the Vancouver Canucks.

Pssst… Roli Starts!

"And now, led by Dwaythieu Garoloson, your Edmonton Oilers!" That’s right fans, until the Oilers emerge from the tunnel tonight to the familiar nasal tones of Mark Lewis and the cheers of a capacity crowd at Rexall Place to face the Vancouver Canucks, you won’t know for sure who’s playing goal—Mathieu Garon or Dwayne Roloson…


Eight is enough

Anyone remember the show called “Eight is Enough?” Neither do we.

Roloson may be back to his winning ways

Like the Edmonton Oilers, Dwayne Roloson has absolutely no intention of going quietly and heading for the golf course like the whipped guy a lot of fans thought he was. Having lost his job as Craig MacTavish’s top puck-stopper long ago and forced to pick pine slivers out of his arse while Mathieu Garon made…