Chris Pronger signs on as Pfizer spokesman


Anaheim Ducks Captain Chris Pronger’s on-again-off-again relationship with the Pfizer Corporation has taken another turn today as sources indicate that the 34-year-old hockey player will become a spokesman for the product in a three-year deal commencing in the fall of 2008. Joining other spokesmen including Political Pundit Rush Limbaugh and former Presidential hopeful Bob Dole, Pronger will apparently earn an amount “near or equal to sponsorship opportunities lost over recent years.”

Agent Don Baizley confirms: “There have been some conversations with Chris and the Pfizer Corporation. Chris has been undergoing a program that was originally prescribed by doctors in St Louis designed to prevent the wrist injury he suffered in 2002 which required surgery.”

Following his departure from Edmonton in the summer of 2006, Pronger severed all ties with Pfizer/Viagra claiming that the prescription medication led to “difficulties in his personal life” at which point doctors recommended he leave the harsh Northern Canadian climate for the sunny beaches of Anaheim.

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Chris exemplifies the Viagra family,” read a statement issued earlier today by the Pfizer Corporation. “He is a former star athlete who is in the autumn of his career, and seeks the virility and energy he had in his earlier years, when he was most effective as a hockey player.”