Featured Citizen: Milli from Golden, BC


One of our most loyal readers and commenters is a man named Milli. Milli lives and works in Golden BC, at the Race Trac Gas Station, and in the comments of this post a few days ago had this to say:

“Today all of my OILERS flags still fly with pride. I thought for sure the gods where on our side. We’d overcome so much, and then it was over. Well, the bar is set pretty high for next season and that’ll make this summer a hell of a lot more enjoyable than last. I’m here in Golden BC, sandwiched between Calgary and Vancouver, loving it, finally knowing we have more talent, more heart, more passion on one line than they [Calgary & Vancouver] have on both there teams combined!!!!! So any OILERS fan or player, stop in at RACE TRAC GAS, I’ll buy you a coffee and we’ll talk about how bright the future has become.

ps: you can’t miss it, it’s the one with all the OILERS FLAGS!!!!”

We decided to get in touch with Milli via e-mail to see how he’s doing. Some of the Nation crew are going skiing in Kicking Horse this weekend, and our schedule is such that we won’t make it down to the gas station for that promised cup of coffee, but Milli’s invitation stands for whenever. Here’s his response to our e-mail:

“Awesome man, here are some pics for you, love the site. Have a great weekend skiing… Hope there is some good spring snow as it is supposed to warm up. And here’s hoping to knocking the ‘Nucks out tonight [and knock ’em out we did, Milli]. It sucks, but it’ll do as a consolation prize this year. When you’re through next, stop in for a brew!!!! Thanks for the plug.

If God Had A Team, It’d Be The OILERS!!!!”


Here’s to you, Milli, on behalf of all the folks here at HQ. God’s team has time to regroup and tackle the league next season. And tackle it they will.

“Featured Citizen” is a semi-regular feature of the OilersNation. If you’re an Oilers fan residing outside of Edmonton, send some pictures and your story to oilersnation@gmail.com. We’ll profile you right here for the entire Nation of fans to see.