Grebeshkov signs one-year deal


If only the Oil had worked as hard in January as their GM does in April.

Kevin Lowe is the hardest working GM in the league right now, which is impressive given the fact that the Oil haven’t played a game in nigh on 10 days. It’s being reported on that the Oilers have resigned Denis Grebeshkov to a one year contract. Now because the Oilers homepage is devoid of any particularly helpful information, the amount isn’t given yet. But from the length of the term it’s clear that the Oil are taking a wait and see approach with Grebeshkov, or he wanted $11 million per year.

We have to hand it to Lowe, he has not gone and hidden under a pile of coats and waited for the playoffs to end. Instead he has gone straight to work, setting about locking this team in for another year—or in the case of Gilbert, locking him in until man has colonized Mars.

What did Uncle Grebs sign for? Help your ol’ pal Wanye out.