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    It's been one of the more exciting series thus far. I actually gained respect for both Marleau and Sarich in G3. Sarich turned the tide of that game, and Marleau actually surprised me by getting up after that. Guess he's not as soft as I thought.

    I've really been impressed at what Grier, Clowe and Mitchell are bringing in this series. It's nice that their meal tickets finally showed up to play yesterday.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I did the boldest move in pool history and took Big Joe… and Michalek and Marleau…

    These guys gotta start gettin more points goddamit!

    I love seeing the Shames choke. Especially here in Southern AB… EVERY newspaper has a sad, sad little Flamey on it.


  • I'm a Scientist!

    It seems the ONLY way the Flames can win is to play gooner hockey. If they play any other style they seem flat. I do appreciate Iginla's leadership and ability to dominate. He is always, always hard on the puck, wherever it is. The Flames do seem to run out of gas playing that 'maim the opponent at all costs' style of hockey. This happens lots in games and it will be interesting to see if it happens in the remaining games in the series. Marlowe, Thornton & Setaguchi seemed to have given the Sharks a lift with their determined play. I wonder if it carries over.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I though they let Calgary hang in too much last night. Perhaps Big Joe's first goal will get the team going.

    Other than the Sarich hit – the dejected fans sitting in the Calgary stands is my second favorite highlight of the playoffs.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Go Big Joe! Go Rosie Grier!

    I like the way the Sharks play hockey. I don't like the way Calgary and Vancouver play – always expecting their goalies to bail them out.

    Flames fan are hilariously predictable, especially the Saddledomers.

    When the Oil lost Game 4 in SCF'06, the Northlanders started chanting "Let's Go Oilers", hoping the boys could bring it back for Game 6.

    The Chokers fans simply get up and leave.

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    Balderdash Spin. They were running and gunning teams out of the building, allowing 4 goals down the stretch for the Oil meant nothing, the kids were going to score 5.

    They did miss the playoffs mind you…

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    Wanye, I'm all for out-scoring the opponent. That is, in fact, how games are won. But these aren't dynasty-era oilers, where the players can just keep racking up the goals if the other team starts to catch up.

    The Oil need strong defencemen who will block shots, steal pucks, check opponents, and not just let Garon or Roloson get shelled all game long.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    oh man that was awesome!!!!! Now,if the sharks can do it again tonight,i will truly enjoy tomorrow!!!! Hey, does anyone know if they have the parade route planned yet? Ya know, the "we lost in the first round again but Sutter's still god and Keenan's fired and maybe Fluery gonna coach us next year" parade route!!!!!!!
    i HATE the LAMES.