Sometimes bad things happen to bad people


“Flames will also because they are out-gunned, out-manned and WAAAAAAY out-coached by San Jose.” —Wanye Gretz April 8, 2008

Ah Calgary. You must be sitting there in your snow-capped ivory tower wondering what exactly just happened to your beloved Flames. Allow us to shed some light on the situation, in case any of you missed what happened in the first round, and are looking on the OilersNation for an update for some strange reason.

You lost in seven games to the Sharks. That makes one time in the past 16 years you have advanced to the second round.

That’s right. Give yourselves a hand.

Iginla may have had nine points, but didn’t lead you to victory like a real game-changing franchise player should be able to do.

Phaneuf may have had seven points in seven games, a creased caveman forehead and his Hummer stolen this season, but now he can sit on the sidelines like the rest of the Flames and wonder about another one of those little losses in life.

Kiprusoff posted a sterling 3.21 GAA, and was pulled in Game 7 by a classless Mike Keenan in favour of his 84-year-old backup. He seems to be responding well to Keenan’s coaching doesn’t he?

Mike Keenan coached like a man who once hired his current boss to work for him, and isn’t scared about his job security in the least. He acts with so little regard for your franchise or his players, that we are considering naming him an honorary member of the OilersNation for the destruction he is causing to the Flaming C…

Yanking Kiprusoff in Game 7 was absolutely retarded, and he can wonder all off-season about the level of dedication Kipper will be putting into his off-ice training. ‘Cause it will be real motivation to pump iron and come back strong next year knowing his coach has so little faith in him that he would rather pull him in Game 7, instead of letting him play himself to the end of the series like a goaltender of his calibre deserves.

Yup, it should be a good off season in Calgary knowing that you can basically look forward to the exact same team, only crappier and more expensive next year. As you may or may not know all of the following players are up for contracts this summer:

  • Langkow
  • Conroy
  • Nolan
  • Yelle
  • Huselius
  • Joseph

It should be interesting to see which players want to come back and play for Iron Mike, and the shot at a first round loss next year.

Kisses and Hugs,


  • I'm a Scientist!

    Have to think they'll pass on Huselius. Langkow and Nolan both played well under Keenan's coaching style, and like to hit things on skates. Huselius doesn't. Keenan also likes people who like to hit things on skates. Based on this comparison, Keenan can't like Huselius.

    Can't place all the blame on Keenan for this season, Wayne. He did what he could with the guys that Sutter brought in front of him. Why else would Iron Mike run Ugly out there for ~26 minutes a night? Aside from Regehr, he's got nothin on the back end. He also did nothing to shore up his 4th line. Or his 2nd for that matter, most games I couldn't tell which was what. They had one line who could score consistently, and then it was a crapshoot in terms of who would show up.

    It's an entire organizational "epic fail", not just the coach, who yet again will probably be looking at no contract next season.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Speaking of bad coaching, has Keenan explained why he played Anders Eriksson so much in game 7? That was quite possibly the worst performance I've seen from a single player in playoff history. That guy has no right to be in the Show period, and Iron Mike (Or Dr. Hook as I prefer) had him on the ice at every opportunity. What a brutal coach. Did you see how Kipper wouldn't take off his mask for about 10 minutes after being pulled? He must have thought he was having a nightmare. Oh wait, Keenan is signed through next year…sorry Kipper, the nightmare continues. Hahahahahah!!! Way to shatter the confidence of a Vezina winner Dr. Hook!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    The Flame-outs came through again. So if you matched their physical play or even came close and you kept someone tight on Iggie and Phaneuf for approx. 1 period of hockey, these guys could be beaten. San Jose was never consistent for 60 mins in any of the seven games and they still sent the cowboys home early. I think I see a pattern here over the last 3 seasons. What's cluttering Sutter's view of his team? You need more than 3 players to win a Stanley Cup. I can't help but smile a little when I compare the mood of the Oiler's fans and management with the mood in Van-loser and Calgary. Gillis to Vancouver and the goofy owners has disfunction written all over it. Reading some of the comments after news articles from those cities is bitter and twisted to say the least. We certainly have hope up here. Our results weren't what we were hoping for but somehow this is more palatable.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Oh man was it a great day!!!! All is (as right as in can be with the Oil out) in the Universe again!!!! And here at the Oil Embassy in the heart of Lames/Nuck land…..It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!! We have youth, speed, skill, toughness and most of all…..HOPE!!!!!
    Now,if only I could find out when there having the parade in Cowtown, you know, the annual we lost in the first round again parade!!!!!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    edmonton blows dick, none of your players want to live there, you were only good in the 80s and you probably wont see the playoffs for the next 10 years to come FUCKING LOSERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Well "Edmonton sucks balls" that is certainly an interesting point of view. The next time that I am rolling off of your Mom in the morning I am going to have a sharp word with her about how she raised her child with a sass mouth like that.

    Then I will tell her to get out

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Dear sucks balls,
    How is the weather in Calgary today? Did you get the snow out of your driveway okay? By the time that 10 yrs rolls around and the Oil are in the playoffs maybe your nuts will have dropped and we can have an intelligent debate. Nah, that would be just too much to hope for.