Voulez vous des tears?

(from Canadian Press)

 After a first place finish and a drubbing of the Bruins in Round One, the Habs fell to the Flyers 4–1 on Saturday.

Now, we bet there’s going to be a lot of support for Price from people everywhere because he’s “young” and “good” and young. Well not here, not in the Nation. Screw you, Price. How does that sound? Super rookie my Aunt Fanny. Let in a few less goals CAREY, then we’ll talk. The fact is that you’ll probably win a Vezina and, gods help us, a Cup with Montreal soon, but not today people. We won’t support the Habs until it’s fashionable and they’re up 3–1 in a series. And we won’t support you, Price.

If we wanted to support a struggling 20-year-old, we’d be out buying Lindsay Lohan albums. Oh, and good work trading Huet Gainey. Perhaps the lesson of Fleury in Pittsburgh didn’t show you that a 20-year-old can handle the pressure cooker of being a starter in the league right off the bat.

Penguin bandwagon here we come I suppose. Right, lambs?

Habs Fan Shoutouts

T-Fents would like to send a shoutout to Sadowsky and congratulate him on being a Habs fan, loving cheese and drinking wine since the age of three. Tough loss, Bob.