Like any good gambler, Wanye hedges his bet


So we sat down last night with the boys to watch what our betting opponent referred to as “the night the Wings win the Cup and you owe me money.” 

Like any degenerate gambler, we came into the Boston Pizza to face our foes with our head held high, ready at any moment to call “Double or nothing” on whatever bet our opponent would take. The weather would be a bet—we looked before we left the house: it’s supposed to be nice this weekend.

Whether or not Crosby would go flying at the ref crying his eyes out when he was hooked—that would be a sucker’s game though. Whether or not Craig Simpson would look wisely to the camera as Kelly Hrudey yammered on about something inane, all the while wondering how his hair looked. Well, no Oilers fan worth his salt would bet on the vacant stares of Simpson.

Then the Pens came out to the early lead, surrendered a goal and the day of reckoning was before us.

“You know,” we started out oh so sly, “if the Wings score next and tie the game there is no way the Pens will have a chance to retake the lead.”

All the boys wisely nodded over their beers.

“It’s true,” one replied “It’s basically a tie game right now.”

It was at this point we turned to the object of our current gambling debt—the cagey bookie that our friend Chris has become.

“I would bet you double or nothing that if the Wings score next, the Pens still win.”

Now Chris is usually one for a good bet, but he waved this one off, like a trim and fit Theo Fleury standing at the plate for the Calgary Vipers. But luckily another of the Wings fans sitting around the table took the bet.

“So you mean to tell me if the Pens score next the bet doesn’t count, but if the Wings score next all they have to do is score again and I win?”

“Precisely so old bean,” we replied trying not to look like a spider about to watch a bug fly directly into its web.

“I’ll take that other bet,” said our buddy—we will call him Jordy because that’s his name.

Ipso facto: Wings scored next, Pens won the game, Petr Sykora made us back our Cup Final bet and looked damn sexy in the process.

Pens find some way to win next game, and we have ourselves a real shot.

Update: Jordy has text messaged us calling for double or nothing that the Wings win next game. Is this a bet we should take? Can Pittsburgh make it two in a row?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Take the bet. The Pens will win at home. Although I wouldn't bet on them beating Detroit again in Detroit. Especially if Gonchar is banged up. They showed heart last night though. At least they've made it a series. I wish I could of seen the faces of the NBC executives as the game went on and on. Jay Leno was probably having a meltdown!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Don't take the bet, but not because the Pens will lose.

    Make him sweat, watch the great Malone and Hossa dominate, win Game 6 – then shake him down hard for Game Seven!

    The only reason not to take the bet is that Pittsburgh's defence is playing awful. Fleury was INCREDIBLE!

    This series is giving me crazy deja vu from 2 years ago……

    Looking forward to July 1, and settling the depth chart that is the Oil and the Springfield Isotopes.