ZOMG Wings!!!!11!ONE


Good morning, lambs. I trust you’ve all begun the long recovery from the SCF parties you attended last night. I was going to post some in-depth article about how terrific it is that the Wings took the Cup last night. Instead, I’ll just make a few brief points:

  1. Wanye’s pretty broken up about this. So broken up, he fled for Virginia. I think he’s trying to escape his debts.
  2. I’m glad that that rat-faced little Crosby was humbled by this. I doubt it will keep him from whining, though.
  3. Good on the Geriatric Ward that is the Red Wings for dominating last night’s game. The Pens didn’t have a chance.

Now we can turn our attention to the Draft, which is coming up right quick. Stay tuned for some coverage on that. And hopefully Wanye can crawl out of his little hole to tell you how he knew the Pens would lose, but that he likes to cheer for an underdog. Right.