UPDATE: HNIC theme to be dropped by CBC!


**UPDATE 2: Found this via Cult of Hockey. Apparently, CTV now owns the rights to “The Hockey Theme.” 

**UPDATE: The plug hasn’t been pulled on the theme yet. 

Found this over at Hockey’s Future:

Contrary to published reports, CBC Sports hasn’t yet pulled the plug on the Hockey Night in Canada theme song.

Scott Moore, the executive director of CBC Sports, told Newsworld on Thursday that negotiations for a new licence fee are ongoing with the representatives of composer Dolores Claman.

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The Globe and Mail is reporting today that the CBC has rejected a new copyright agreement to continue to use the Hockey Night in Canada theme we all know and love. It’s not clear if the decision is final, but sweet love, lambs! Can you image tuning in to your regular CBC broadcast without that tune? The notion is heresy!

Here are some more details from the article:

John Ciccone, president of Copyright Music & Visual, said in a press release posted on its website that CBC’s licence agreement ended with the conclusion of Wednesday’s NHL playoffs and that the public broadcaster has taken a pass on a new agreement in order to “move in a new direction.”

The CBC “has advised the composer, owner and administrator of the musical composition that it is not prepared to enter into a new license agreement with respect to the use of the theme,” the press release states.

I really think it would be a mistake for the CBC to ditch the theme, even if it does costs them $500/broadcast. What do you think, lambs?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Hmmph…Another hastily made move by the mother corp. Dave Hodge would flip his pencil in disgust, How come Don Cherry isn't available for a comment?

    Talk about being cheap…

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I wonder if CBC did a poll asking what viewers would prefer to see CBC spend their money on;

    A) Don Cherry
    B) Keeping the HNIC theme song

    what the results would look like when they were done?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    The person/firm who owns the song (Dolores Claman) filed a law suit against CBC in 2002 – that litigation is still in progress. CBC tried to settle the suit using binding arbitration and a number of other avenues and has been unsuccessful. I was listening to Scott Moore (from CBC) and he said that it is not realistic to negotiate with someone who is suing you – he does make sense. In this case I think the CBC has a case – you can't be held hostage by the song's rights holder…also in this case it is not about the CBC being cheap (just a note – 500.00 per play is the most that has been paid for a song in the history of Canadian television). Just adding another perspective…

  • I'm a Scientist!

    To say you speant the most in "the history of Canadian television" is like saying you have "the most expensive surfboard in Edmonton"

    When your stiffest competition is The Beachcombers, Hilarious House of Frightenstien and Corner Gas you're not exactly up against the stiffest competition.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Who cares? The composer is trying to shake down a fat and sloppy corporation that is funded by tax dollars AND advertising, while still suing that corporation over some old disagreement. Let them both suffer. There is other music out there, already written or waiting to get written.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    ROFLMAO CTV…what a change that will be listening to the hockey night in canada theme song while watching sportsnet…..way to go CTV! I get to hear the second anthem more often as I watch the copper and blue…