Draft comes, draft goes. Wanye whines


Well 15 per cent of you who voted in the draft poll were correct. The Oilers done gone and drafted another centreman, and a 5-10 one at that when they selected Regina Pat Jordan Eberle with the 22nd pick in the first round. Appparently this is the kid the Oilers wanted to pick up, and they got him. And though watching the Oil pick a centreman in the first round of the Entry Draft is about as surprising as, oh, the sun rising in the morning, we kind of like this Eberle kid the more we read about him.

When he was selected, he reminded Lowe and MacT that they had presented him with the championship trophy at the Brick Novice Tournament a few years back. That’s pretty hilarious that the kid is still living off that high, and according to Lowe “I’d imagine most kids are happy to be drafted, but he was genuinely excited about being drafted by the Oilers.” Lowe continued, “In the (pre draft) interview, when we gave (Eberle) the chance to ask questions about us, he was really asking a lot of questions about Sam Gagner and the things he did to advance as quickly as he did. I like to hear that.”

Nothing wrong with picking up a Regina Pat who was raised in Alberta. Good luck to you, kid.

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Trades made, Oilers stand pat

Oh, for heaven’s sake. In a day where players were flying around from team to team and deals stacked to the sky like delicious doughnuts, the Oil sat back and watched it all go down. In our best back-seat driving position, your ol’ pal Wanye whines about the trades here and now.

Cammalleri to the Flames for a first round pick?

Come on! There was mention earlier in the day around town that a Stoll-Cammalleri deal was imminent. Surely the Oil could have sweetened the pot to secure the services of the oft-injured-two-sets-of-double-letters-in-his-last-name Cammalleri. We suppose the Flames just wanted it more, and we can’t really blame them given how terrible their team is going to be next year. But Cammalleri, you should have known better. If you’re going to leave the sun and the surf for the refreshing Arctic air of Alberta, why pick the Flames? Do you have a particular interest in losing regularly?

Olli Jokinen to the Coyotes for Ballard, Boynton and a second-round draft?

What in the heck was so valuable on the Oilers roster that we couldn’t have taken a run at this deal? Neither Ballard nor Boynton have lit the world on fire offensively, but represent good solid d-men. Exactly the type of good solid d-men the Oil seem to have in rich abundance these days. Having given up the most shots in the league last year, Florida just flew in the defensive core of the Coyotes, who, well, sucked too. Perhaps now that they have 15 defencemen under contract for next season in Florida, K-Lowe can pull ol’ Jay “Glug Glug Vroom Vroom” Bouwmeester out of the sun and put him to work up here in Siberia.

Alex Tanguay to Montreal for a first round pick?

OK, pass. Good call on avoiding this trade, we think. Another soft French player returning to the roost in Montreal. It could work… *cough*

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Oh and why are the Habs suddenly one of the teams mentioned in every trade rumour in the league? It seems like all roads are leading to les Canadiens this off-season, and if half the rumours turn out the Habs will ice a squad of roughly 145 players next year.

All in all, the Oil drafted a good ol’ boy, and that’s about it. Oh, and the TSN coverage was so condescending to the viewer that it made our eyes bleed. Please take those terrible microphones off the analysts’ heads. The only time we want to see head gear like that on someone is in a Wendy’s drive-thru. Maybe that’s where Bob Mackenzie got the idea to go buy them. He looks as though he’s seen the second window of the odd drive through in his day.

For those of you seeking better draft detail, you can always go read Lowetide, who has done an excellent job as usual making a case for Teemu Hartikainen (The Oilers 163rd pick) being a real solid player.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Wanye, not interested in Olli. He doesn't bring enough to the Oilers with respect to the Oilers needs. Yes, he is a solid player but the Oilers need a top 6 LW and Olli not that. Besides, he is very expensive and from the rumors about him, I am not sure he is the guy we want to have at any price

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I agree that the Oilers should've been the ones snatching up Jokinen. He would've excelled on the first line here and he and Horcs would have made for a pretty solid one two punch. After hearing about how much Florida was supposedly asking for, I was disappointed to see this trade go through. Florida gets fleeced yet again.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I know that Brownlee once wrote in his piece on going after Spezza that I shouldn't get caught up looking too far down the road when evaluating player movement but in the case of Jokinen I think Lowe dodged a bullet when you do consider the long term.

    Sure he could have been a nice addition in the here and now but I think overall the Oilers are set up very well with emerging talent and are flush with middling talent. What they really need is that one really big gun on offence. Jokinen would qualify as a big gun to some degree but not as the top flight guy I think we are all hoping for.

    Had they offered up enough to grab him I think we would all be saying that the Oilers were a better team today than they were on Friday, but come December or January he would probably leave us left wanting for a true star with the sad reality being that between his contract and Lowe burning the necessary bargaining chips in aquiring him, he would prevent exactly that type of guy from being a possibility.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Cammalleri for Stoll is trading one injury prone player for another. I agree with Rick, its best the Oilers stay out of these three deals.

    I wonder what K-Lowe has cooking though??? You know its something good…

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Joke-inen is having a nice career, but I imagine him to be the Juwan Howard of the NHL; great stats on bad teams, unable to make himself valuable on good teams. We'll see. I'm still not sold on a lot of players being an major advantage over Horcoff: he protects bad two way guys (ie., Ryan Smyth's +/- with and without Horc) and he can play against the oppositions best line in a shut down and create offense role. All for a reasonable price. He's not blessed with a ton of god given talent, but he's a work horse and earned everything. The Cammallleri trade was tough to watch … but wasn't Tanguay the second best point producer at even strength last year? WOW. How do you think Keenan will take to Cammi?
    The wheels are turning with K-Lowe. Being shut out of the trades, especially with 22 offers on the table can't make him feel like the prettiest girl at the dance.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Is it such a crime to go to the draft with a pretty good team and walk away from it with the same pretty good team plus a few new draft faces besides? I've seen hundreds of rants over the years about how teams should focus on building from within their own organization. So why, when K-Lowe is doing just that (and doing a reasonably good job of it, IMHO) do fans suddenly have an aneurism when he doesn't blow up the team to bring in one superstar? We are already set to compete. If we can find a good deal at next year's trade deadline (or before, if we stumble over it) to put the finishing touches on another cup run, then so be it. Just don't be so disappointed if you have to watch the Oil win with the same familiar faces they won with through the end of last season.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Gator –

    That's ultra lame. Do you play against him? Is he a douche or what?

    I remember when Georges Laraque played rollerhockey against a buddy of mine. He looked like Sidney Crosby with sick hands, and still had the size of Georges Laraque. But gentleman that he is, he wouldn't lay a finger on anyone, mind you most people he looked at fell over.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    "And though watching the Oil pick a centreman in the first round of the Entry Draft is about as surprising as, oh, the sun rising in the morning, we kind of like this Eberle kid the more we read about him."

    Then you're going to like him even more when you figure out that he's a RW.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    David Staples sheds some light on the wing/centerman issue and also points out Eberle's notable birthday

    From Cult of Hockey



    Eberle has been called a centre but he's played a lot of wing in junior with the Regina Pats.

    If you're into karma, a keen-eyed reader, Vance from Leduc, notes that Jordan Eberle, the Oilers' first-round pick last Friday, was born the same day (May 15) that Petr Klima scored in the third overtime period for the Oilers to beat the Boston Bruins in Game 1 of the 1990 Stanley Cup final — the last time the Oilers won the NHL title.