Shooting down the walls of Heartache


A moment of silence, please, to honour the retreat into oblivion of the self-appointed sports radio icon who for many years has graced websites and talk shows in the third-person under the handle of THE WARRIOR.

THE WARRIOR, who in real life is a car salesman in Killeen, Texas named Howard Kinsel, has decided to step out of the spotlight. Here’s how he put it recently in a post on


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“The Warrior will be here to take your questions pertaining to the Oilers. the draft and Sports radio. THIS WILL BE THE WARRIORS FINAL THREAD as I wont be returning to Edmonton. Pronger, Comrie, Higgins and now the Warrior all run out of town. It’s a fish bowl and the Warrior has had it.”

Howard and I, Team 1260 listeners might recall, have had our differences over the years. Most notably when he’d call Bob Stauffer and I on Total Sports and chide me for being what he considered an Adam Oates fan boy, or worse, because of a puffy, feel-good column I’d written during Oates failed single season with the Edmonton Oilers.

Listeners might remember just a couple months ago when Howard waded in on the Chris Pronger kicking incident, ranting that Stauffer and I were only criticizing the cowardly act because we had something personal against Pronger. Or just last month, after I’d called out a poster who goes by the name Bank Shot, for suggesting Stauffer and I were making things up about the Oilers being interested in Mike Cammalleri, Howard wrote:

“Look, Bob bought his way onto radio and Brownlee has been reduced to an internet blog. Robin is in the twilight of a mediocre career as a journalist and can fire at bank shot because they are at an equal level — two guys posting on the internet on fan sites.” I suspect Howard’s stated reason for not coming back to Edmonton this summer is as big a load as many of his calls. My guess is times are tough at The King of Dodge — the Texas dealership website featuring Howard — and he’s passing on the trip north this summer to flog more gas-chugging Hemis before they become boat anchors as oil approaches $150 a barrel.

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That, or Howard’s post is just one of those “please pay attention to me and tell me you like me” pleas. Then again, that would be insincere. That would be grandstanding. That would be . . .

All that said, I’ve always had a soft-spot for blowhards like Howard because I tend to be one myself. And coming from a never-was like Howard, it’s not so bad being called a has-been. All in all, The Brownlee gets a kick out of THE WARRIOR in a twisted sort of way that makes me wonder if I’m not well.

Talk to you soon, Howard.

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  • RobinB

    AN UPDATE: Sadly, Howard's heartfelt swan song over at HF has been locked down by the No Fun Police after just 44 posts and 1,685 views.
    While topic threads like the POT AND THE KETTLE, which begins with a deep thinker writing "Another reason to hate Brownlee" in bold face, rolled along for 168 comments and 4,844 views without a padlock slapped on, Howard's FINAL POST is shut down with all the finesse of a kick in the pills. The Brownlee thinks that's no way to treat a sports radio icon.

  • erixon

    I know there are guys out there who like "Le Canard", but personally I can't stand the guy. I just don't get some guys. You know, I would like to think I know something about sports, after playing through minor hockey, and moving onto coaching. But in no way do I feel the need to call out guys on stuff, and scream into a telephone to tell media "how it is". Lets look at this for example… how many years has Le Canard had an inside look at the Oilers, with the availability to the players and coaches like the media does? I wonder if he can rattle of stats like Stauffer does? Maybe I'm crazy but if you really are interested in the team, the players, and how the organization works, you should maybe do some listening, instead of talking. All that, with the way he shouts into the phone like an intoxicated guy at a party who thinks everyone is hard of hearing, makes me highly disklike what he brings to my afternoon drive home from work, and when I go on HF once and a while. Good Riddance.

  • The Warrior was part of the Edmonton scene the same as that goofy house behind the Shell station in Lendrum, done up like a castle, is part of the Edmonton scene. Bizarre to behold, memorable in its own way, but neither would be missed if it disappeared.

  • RobinB

    Milli: Burke's looking like a stooge after bungling so badly with Bert and everybody is piling on. That's all good, but you can get that anywhere. THE WARRIOR? Now, that's exclusive to ON. Hmmm exclusive.

  • Brandt Westridge

    Hey Bob,

    What is the general consensus on KLowe and how other GM's feel about him? Has he been completely alienated by other GM's therefore his inability to make a trade? Is everyone on Burke's side? It would be nice to hear your opinion on this considering how bad the Ducks screwed up on Bertuzzi. If the Oilers made the same mistake, they would be the laughing stock of the league. Just because it's the Ducks, i dont think people really care that much…

  • Dennis

    The way Stauffer clings to his love for Lupul is as pathetic as anything the Warrior's ever espoused on that show.

    I don't think he should've taken a shot at what Robin's doing for a living right now; but, when it comes to hockey comments, Stauffer says some pretty dumb things, too, and here lately, Brownlee's close to pimping Ryan Malone.

    And I'm not sure what the general consensus was when the Oil signed Souray last summer, but if guys weren't going nuts with disagreement, well, then, let's just say that there are more dumb comments floating on the Edmonton airwaves than those emitted from the Warrior.

  • Oildude

    Good blog Robin,The best ever was when you hammered him on the radio,just about pissed myself laughing and I for one don't and never will consider you a hack.Keep up the good work.

  • Brad

    Look I have seen the guy in action. He is all about helping out minor hockey and self promotion. he loves the publicity possitive and negative. Its when they stop is his mott. I think most of what he does is for reaction. Anyway he will be missed

  • RobinB

    I keep reading the Oilers could take Joni Pitkanen to salary arbitration — that was erroneously reported in The Journal the other day and has today been repeated by Sportsnet — and that's NOT the case.

    Philadelphia filed for arbitration on Pitkanen before they traded him to the Oilers and even though the hearing was not held, he is now exempt under terms of the new CBA.

  • I keep reading the Oilers could take Joni Pitkanen to salary arbitration — that was erroneously reported in The Journal the other day and has today been repeated by Sportsnet — and that’s NOT the case.

    You're getting ever closer to becoming a full fledged blogger Robin – we usually add something about the incompetence of the mainstream media at this point.

  • RobinB

    mc79: Can't go all the way — my gig with CP dictates some fence-sitting.

    Mainstream media or otherwise, there's no reason to get something so fundamental wrong when the CBA is available for all to read. Failing that a call to the agent or team — isn't that what having access is about? — is the best way to get things straight.

  • Death Metal Dennis

    i agree with Oildude, that was one of the funniest moments ever on Total Sports. maybe The Warrior took that above picture right after the call.