Ah, Christmas in July.

With so much drama in the LBC, we are going to get right into the trades and the thoughts. Considering the staggering traffic on the Nation in the past two days, we know you want to talk. Let ‘er rip Lambs, just remember that we are always correct, particularly Brownlee, who regularly scares off Dobermans who stop by to talk puck.

Torres for Brule –  GOOD Deal

This shows you how little interest there was in Torres for any real assets around the league. Brule was drafted 6th overall and before breaking his leg was considered a hot property. At just over $700G per year, expect Brule to get the lengthy tryout denied to Rob Schremp all these years.

We like this deal because sometimes a second chance and a change of scenery is all that a player like this needs to catch fire. Plus he has literally had a bad break thus far, whereas our boy Torres has declined of his own persistent doing. 146 Games into his NHL career, there is way more potential upside to Brule than Torres. 

Pitkanen for Cole – IFFY Deal

Firstly Erik, we are going to have to ask you to hand in your Stanley Cup ring that you won against the Mighty Oil, who were scorned with a referee error in SCF06G7, when the referee failed to award more goals to the Oilers than the Canes. We are going to ask that it be melted down into scrap and sold on the local market. You are an Oiler now my man, and there is no room for Cane’s Cup rings up in herrre.

We like this deal because despite coming off of a serious neck injury, Cole has continued to score regularly,and with seasons of 30, 29 and 22 goals in the past three years Cole should fit in nicely on the squad. We aren’t jumping into the arms of the closest hobo over the deal because of who Pitkanen could be. But you can’t wait around waiting for someone to turn into something they are not, living in some sort of dream world where he is a Norris winning defenseman, Bucky’s got his flowing hair back and Rexall beer is back to a reasonably priced $543 dollars per glass. Nope. If we wanted to go to fantasyland, we would go to Fantasy Land, you know at the mall, before it was renamed Galaxy Land.


Pitkanen’s departure seems to be a case of being careful what you wish for. Want a soft puck moving defenseman? OK, but he is going to be the first guy off the ice at practice, and won’t necessarily fit in to your dressing room of pirates and amateur magicians. Peace out Pitkanen, may you never win the Norris.


In honor of all the money being thrown at the Oilers defensive corps, we christen them Wonderbread. Why? Cause they are made of dough and as soft as a newly baked loaf of bread. You think Smid is excited to learn that he is the second toughest defenseman on the team? We will hold judgment until K-Lowe is finished, but man the Oil are softer than fresh puppy turds right now.

Stoll, Greene for Visnovsky – BAD Deal

We will go out on a limb here and say this is a bad deal for the Oil. It may be an unpopular stance, but at the end of the day, the Oil traded two young NHL players for a 31 year old puckmoving defenseman, who isn’t particularly stellar on D, and makes a boat load of cash. Didn’t the Oil sign one of those last year too? And didn’t they just trade another one of those away mere hours ago? Hmm.

Greene is a fine young physical defenseman, and having been to the SCF has invaluable experience. Stoll at $2 mil is a great deal no matter what you think of him, and it would have been interesting to see if he was going to rebound next year, particularly with local bad influences being traded to the Blue Jackets.

You can call this the official end of Stoll’s serious career. Living in Tinseltown with his old lady, he is one publicist and agent away from appearing on Dancing with the Stars.

Stoll and Greene were good Oilers, and they shall be missed.

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    It was also just pointed out to us here at Nation HQ that Brule was born in Edmonton. So that's sweet, cause Edmonton born players ALWAYS work out, or at the very least go on to date Hilary Duff

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    Wow, I think I’m almost completely at the opposite end on most of those deals. Greene was the most sheltered defender on the Oilers, and Stoll is a question mark with no room to move up the depth chart. Visnovsky and Cole are older, more expensive upgrades on Pitkanen and Torres, and Brule is fresh off a one-goal NHL season and is probably ticketed to the minors next year.

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    Jonathan –

    Really? I wouldn't compare Cole to Torres beyond the fact that they both list "NHL player" on their credit card applications.

    What do you mean by sheltered" defender?

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    I would have to agree with Wanye on the Cole deal, it's a gooder I think. Is Brule really going to the minors? The Oilers have room on the roster for him I think

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    It's being reported on Sportsnet that the Canucks have offered Sundin a two year deal worth $20 million.

    Sundin has replied with "I don't know if I'm playing hockey next year" BURN!

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    What I like is something David Staples reported on his blog. When Visnovsky was freaking out about being traded to the Oilers

    "Ales Hemsky (called) later in the day and the Oiler winger told him the club was just fine, a splendid place to be, and the winters weren't too bad, either, one could survive, provided one bought himself the proper clothing … And he would take him to the appropriate stores and get him the perfect deals."

    And THAT people is why you sign your Stars to long term deals

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    You really don't know much about hockey do you?

    You seem to want to build a team that would win in 1996, not 2008.

    Skating, passing, scoring wins.

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    I wouldn’t compare Cole to Torres beyond the fact that they both list “NHL player” on their credit card applications.

    Cole is a clearly superior player to Torres, but both play against the opposition’s top lines. The difference of course is that Cole scores 30 goals while Torres scores 10.

    What do you mean by sheltered” defender

    I mean anytime a legitimate threat for the other team stepped on the ice, Greene stepped off. Huddy gave him the easiest opponents of any defender, something MacT alluded to in an interview the other day. He’s plenty tough, but it’s easier to look good against Eric Godard than it is against Jarome Iginla.

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    Well Fatguy, with insightful gems like "skating, passing, scoring wins" it's clear you must have won the Jack Adams Trophy once or twice in the past decade. Care to elaborate? I fail to see what point you are making.

    Perhaps that is your point. How Zen.

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    Let's look at the big piture here:

    I would choose Visnovsky over Pitkanen every day of the week. His stats last year are indicative of the team he was on and the way the coach played him.

    I would take Erik Cole over Stoll as well. We need Left Wingers. We don't need centremen. Whether or not Stoll ever gets back to his old form is still a question mark. I would rather take a consistent banger who can put in 25 goals and actually recover from an injury over a question mark.

    Greene: I loved him as much as you can love a stay at home defenseman, but truly they are pretty easy to come by.

    Torres: Wheterh or not he was ever going to be consistent doesn't amtter. The fans had given up on him and it was time for him to go. Brule is just as big a question mark at a fraction of the price. Good move.

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    I think the soft comment is valid no matter what fatguy says. In 1996 you needed more toughness than skill true – but the Oilers are getting into dangerous territory. They have no fighter, and with the moves made in the offseason, their ability to deliver the much heralded "team toughness" is greatly reduced.