Laraque signs in Montreal


For those of you who hold out hope that Laraque will come back to Edmonton and protect our fledgling Superstars and our fragile millionaire defensive corps keep dreamin suckers. He’s a Hab now.

Update from Brownlee

Just got off the phone with Georges. His deal with Montreal is for three years and is worth $4.5 million, so he actually gets a raise. By the way, Laraque strongly considered the Oilers — and I confirmed this morning they had the door open for him — but he opted for the Habs.

Note and a question from Wanye 

It’s being reported that George’s deal includes a “partial no trade clause.”

What the heck does that mean?

You can only be traded if the team agrees that they want to move you? Sounds to me like taking a “partial birth control pill.” Either it is, or it isn’t. There is no partial.

Does anyone remember when players signed contracts that made sense?