You know that Brian Burke is just sitting in an underground criminal headquarters at a gigantic table surrounded by other evil doers – perhaps even Satan himself – waiting, raging, plotting his revenge.

He isn’t going to let the verbal ass smashing that Kevin Lowe gave him – that Robin Brownlee was first to report we might add – go unanswered.

Lowe unquestionably has the upper hand now in this Battle royale, calling out Anaheim as a crappy hockey city, calling Burke a wannabe, and generally showing him who’s the boss. And we will give you a hint: it ain’t Tony Danza.

What will Burke do? Call a press conference for one, we bet it won’t take a “media junkie” long to voice his response. Certainly not the year it took K-Lowe to finally snap.

Maybe the Oil could arrange the two to fight during the intermission of the first Oilers-Ducks game on Pay Per View. It would certainly beat the hell out of the awesome features that they run.

– Listen to Wanye Gretz daily on Jasper Ave, as he screams his “Oilers theories” at those passing by.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I actually don't think Burke will say a thing. He may give a passing remark about Kevin Lowe's comments, but if he were to continue to rant about this situation, it would only hurt his reputation.

    Plus, he should have more important things to worry about, like getting under the cap.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I don't think he is with Satan. Really, even Burke isn't desperate enough to visit Pittsburgh.

    No I think Burke is balled up in the corner of his cabin on Lake Iwannamymommy wondering how he could have miscalculated so badly that at some point Lowe would actually respond.

    At this momment, he has to be thinking that atleast 'those 7 Anaheim Duck fans will defend me on the message boards and I still have the Maple Leaf fans squarely in my corner'. Even though in one year time it will be the Bruin fans defending him to both groups as they suddenly realized that they too were left at the dance all by their lonesome while good 'ol Burkie runs back to Harvard where he can solicite a KLowe comeback from the future American pompus elite. (man are those Bruin fans that are currently liking the Lowe comments going to kick themselves next year)

    -Listen to Rick at the intersection of Whitemud Drive and 111 St as he screams obscenities at the road workers for ******* up his commute. (the preceeding sentence is intended to be in italics print)

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I'm not so sure that Burke will be firing back shortly.

    I have a feeling the Niedermayer comment was a warning at Burke that if he responds, Lowe WILL go there.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I don't think Burke will respond to Lowe's awesome tirade. Lowe hinted at something about Niedermayer's acquisition from the Ducks that Burke probably wouldn't like brought to light. I took that to be a warning to Burke: "Come back after me, and I'll spill the beans."

    Robin, do you have any insight as to what Lowe might have been referring to?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    CANUCKLEHEAD: I'd love to say I have the inside dirt on the Niedermayer reference, but I don't. I'll sniff around, but this might be one Kevin L is keeping under his hat for use when/if needed.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Awesome, I just can't see how e can resist!!! Ya know, a junkie nne his fix!!!! Then, Klo will drop te BOMB!!!! And the bombs name is called "tampering".

  • I'm a Scientist!

    The recent legal woes with Duck ownership may have helped silence the Burke-monster. Having national media attention arising out of a verbal WW 3 on-going with KL may not be what the people behind the scenes want right now. If Burke does stay silent he will bust a gut fuming over the fact he is not having the last word on the subject. At least not yet.