Horcoff signs extension

**UPDATE. It is being reported on the Team 1260 that Shawn Horcoff has signed a six-year extension with the Mighty Oil. No word on the terms yet, but we will bring it to you as it becomes available.

Big up to MSG as usual for keeping us in the loop.

** From TSN.ca: ”This is a great day for myself and my family,” Horcoff said. ”Edmonton is a great city and one that has embraced us in every way possible. I’ve spent my entire career with the Oilers and I’m thrilled about the direction we are heading in, led by our new owner Daryl Katz and General Manager Kevin Lowe. I’d like to thank the Edmonton Oilers and our great fans for making this possible.”

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    UPDATE: The extension, as released by the Oilers, is for six years. The money, as reported first on Team 1260 and now confirmed by sources on both sides of the deal, is $33 million. I will get the year-by-year breakdown later.

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    If it wasn't obvious before, there's no doubt now that new Oilers owner Daryl Katz has plenty of juice when it comes to players he has on his payroll — and those he'd like to add.
    As everybody knows by now, Katz played a significant role in the Oilers pursuit of unrestricted free agent Marian Hossa, a role that had the team in the running right up until he signed with the Detroit Red Wings.
    As for Shawn Horcoff, here's what he had to say in a response to a question from me about Katz during a conference call today.

    "It almost has everything to do with it," said Horcoff, asked how much of a factor Katz was in his decision to commit to the Oilers for another six years.

    "I've spent a few summers up in Edmonton and we actually have a mutual trainer (Simon Bennett), so I actually knew Daryl a little bit on a personal level before he became owner of our team.

    "Second, I got to talk to him a lot more in the whole Hossa negotiations. I think for about three days there we were on the phone pretty consistently. We didn't just talk about that situation. I got a good picture of what his visions were for the future. I got really excited. You can't build a winning team unless you have an owner who is willing to go the extra mile an get the players there that a team needs to get to that next level.

    "I've got a lot of trust in that guy as a person and an owner who is going to be able to do that."

    There, you have it.

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    Good signing by the Oil. I love the answer he gave Robin too. Horcoff is a smart man and to commit to the Oilers like that well in to his UFA eligible years can only be perceived as a good thing in terms of where this teams future lies.

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    I'm quite happy to see him back. Interesting that Katz has a lot to do with it, or so Horc says. After Smyth was traded, a lot of commenters on my site were joking that Horc was next because of his comments about the trade. He was back to being a good soldier the next day though and I guess that, along with 55 games last season, got him his reward.

    Good to see.

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    What a difference a season makes. Last season backbencher coaches (aka fans) were calling for Horcoff's head saying there's no way he can fill a 1st line centre role. Now, everyone is happy he's been resigned for the long term.

    I for one am glad the Oil have kept him in the fold long term. Horcoff is an outstanding talent that can play in any situation, especially when you need someone to take key draws in the last 2 minutes of play. His commitment to improve and work ethic make this probably the best long term signing of the off season in terms of value / dollar.

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    This is great. I'm much happier with rewarding a guy brought up through the Oilers system like Horcs with a long term contract, as opposed to chasing down guys like Nylander and Hossa and then hoping that they like it here and buy into our system. With Horcs you know what you're getting: Close to a point a game, an amazing shut-down guy, great team guy, someone who will play hurt, and a guy who shows up in awesome shape at the start to the year. Nice job K-Lowe!

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    Good deal. Horc got a long term deal for good money, we got a guy that will work his ass off everyday. It's nice to see a guy like this rewarded long term, he has worked for everything he has got, and I for one, appriciate it.