The Oilers Car: A day in pictures

We told ourselves “selves; if there is an Oilers car at the Indy race, we are going to cheer for it.” And cheer we did.

We cheered for the idea of the Oilers Car through the long morning of non racing pagentry. We were thinking of the Oilers car as we watched Frankie Muniz – former child actor now racecar “driver” – embarrass himself and get lapped by the field, leading to our racing buddy to declare “looks like Malcolm ain’t in the middle anymore. In fact it looks like Malcolm is dead last.”

We cheered for temporary Oiler Rahal as he was introduced and shook the zombie Gene Simmons’ hand. We cheered him as he was bumped in the third lap, slowly wheeled into the pit area and sat there for the next 18 laps.

We cheered as he re-entered the racing field, something like 19 laps behind – by our beer assisted count. We cheered as he was bumped again by some other racer, and was removed from the race by a tow truck.

The car was fitting in great! Yet another Oiler plagued by injury problems! We then walked over to the car in the pit area to talk to the pit crew.

Wanye: So the Oilers car had a tough day….

Pit Guy: The what car?

Wanye: The Oilers car. See that logo? That’s the hockey team here.

Pit Guy: Oh. Don’t touch anything. How did you get in here anyway?

And that was the end. Tough day. Go Oilers.