When the going gets tough…

… the tough make nicknames.

We were still reeling from all the news in the OilersNation, so we sat down with Spyn Cycle yesterday evening to have a summit meeting and determine why no one saw the K-Lowe promotion coming, and what the Tambellini Era will mean to the Oilers.

We placed calls to our two sources—one is the guy who wears the super tight bicycle shorts and walks up and down Jasper Ave in the summer—and waited for them to be returned. Our summit meeting quickly devolved into coming up with nicknames for the new GM, and that turned into photoshopping pictures of him. Well Spyn did, we mostly hopped around in the background coming up with ideas and cheering him on.

For your consideration

Name #1: T-Bell (Source: Wanye Gretz [No beers: 1pm, July 31])

Pros: We like T-Bell as a nickname. It sounds semi-gangster, has a delicious fast food angle, and the OilersNation could throw burritos on the ice at Rexall if ever we were unpleased by the actions of the GM.

Cons: We stand behind T-Bell, and wouldn’t want to make a derogatory nickname from the get go. Some could misconstrue this name as a “dis” when in reality it’s out of love. Love for T-Bell, Taco Bell and roundhouse kicks.

Name #2: Tambo (Source: Towel Boy [beers unknown: 1:31pm, July 31])

Pros: We dig this nickname too, and from the pic above you can see that it inspires confidence, aggressive posturing and shiny muscles. You mess with Tambo, you get the horns, Nation.

Cons: There are no real cons to “Tambo,” save the fact that Sylvester Stallone was once caught in Sydney, Australia promoting the most recent Rocky with enough HGH stuffed in a suitcase to take down an elephant. But not our Tambo. He keeps it real.

Name #3: Tamberbell (Source: Wanye Gretz [Beers: 10. 11:35pm, July 31])

Pros: Look at the little wings on Tamberbell!! He can grant wishes too, and flutters about raining pixie dust on all he sees! If you don’t want a magical sprite running the show Nation, then you need to find a new team to root for. Tamberbell and his magic wand shall soon reunite us with Lord Stanley, or at the very least the lost boys.

Cons: A bit demeaning? Uh, yeah! Isn’t that the point? Oh look how cute he is! We want to put him in a box and wrap him up under the Christmas tree with a card that says To: Wanye From: Santa.

Vote in the poll for your favourite nickname, Nation. Have your say.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I voted T-Bell. Tambo is a good one, but he has a puny head in the picture. I need my GM to have a giant head. Abe Lincoln, Barry Bonds, Christina Ricci…all of them would make teriffic NHL GMs. The muscles could also be shiny-er.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I think Tamberbell is better reserved for the guy who walks down Jasper ave in the real tight bicycle shorts (How many years has he wore that same pair?).

    I'm kinda partial to T-Bell but for some reason it makes me crave a Soft Taco Supreme.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    The NHL GM-scape can be a bit of a jungle…and who wouldn't want their GM to be shirtless, have shiny muscles, a head band and an M60 machine gun to crawl around that jungle with…and make trades for scoring forwards….at gun point! Awesome.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    My first thought was 'the Tambinator', but then I realized I'm lazy and didn't want to type that all the time. Tambo conjures pretty much the same image with 5 fewer keystokes, thus proving to be clearly superior.

    T-Bell just smacks of the alluded-to Tinkerbell below. Not inspiring confidence. Even with the food link, having our Boys led by someone representing a greasy meal and a siesta isn't doing it for me.

    Tambo it is, then.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Tambo for sure! T-Bell, short for tinkerbell just isn't cool. tambo is kind of lame too, but of the two choices, definitely the right one. we should wait to see what happens, what comments he makes, what moves are done before the real nickname will stick anyway.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I think it should depend on the situation.

    When he's in our good books, Tambo.

    When he's done something stupid, like sign Souray to a seven year extension, Tamberbell.