WTF Nation?

Question: What the heck happened to the Nation this weekend?


A) Wanye Gretz forgot to pay the electrical bill and we had our power shut off. This was particularly bad news for DJ Spyn Cycle who lives in an iron lung, which requires electricity to function. RIP, friend.

B) 12 million people visited the Nation in an hour when they heard that there was a poll where they could suggest Dr Randy Gregg could be the next host on the Team 1260. This caused our servers to crash.

C) The Chinese Central Committee censored the site and took down the database due to the potentially explosive fall our from our four part feature “Female Chinese Olympic Wrestlers: Shaved Grizzly Bears or Humans?”

D) Our web host had a server fail which affected dozens of websites in including ours. It took them a little over a day to restore service.

Take your pick, we are sorry for all of them.

Sexily yours,
The OilersNation Team