The Top 50

We read Spector’s Hockey Blog with great regularity because:

  1. He is now the only writer for The Hockey News who doesn’t stroke the Leafs with delicate care
  2. He works for Fox Sports yet incredibly understands hockey, and doesn’t ask what happened to the glowing puck
  3. He links to the OilersNation on the rare occasion that it breaks news

Spector just told us that The Hockey News just released their top 50 players for the 2008-2009 season. And they are:

  1. Sidney Crosby
  2. Alex Ovechkin
  3. Henrik Zetterburg
  4. Pavel Datsyuk
  5. Vincent Lecavalier
  6. Niklas Lidstrom
  7. Roberto Luongo
  8. Jarome Iginla
  9. Evgeni Malkin
  10. Dany Heatley
  11. Chris Pronger
  12. Daniel Alfredsson
  13. Marian Gaborik
  14. Henrik Lundqvist
  15. Brendan Morrow
  16. Evgeni Nabokov
  17. Marian Hossa
  18. Ilya Kovalchuk
  19. Eric Staal
  20. Zdeno Chara
  21. Joe Thornton
  22. Dion Phaneuf
  23. Martin Brodeur
  24. J-S Giguere
  25. Martin St-Louis
  26. Scott Niedermayer
  27. Brian Rafalski
  28. Sergei Gonchar
  29. Marty Turco
  30. Ryan Getzlaf
  31. Andrei Markov
  32. Zach Parise
  33. Ales Hemsky
  34. Jason Spezza
  35. Vesa Toskola
  36. Rick Nash
  37. Joe Sakic
  38. Scott Gomez
  39. Ryan Miller
  40. Jonathan Toews
  41. Daniel Sedin
  42. Daniel Briere
  43. Anze Kopitar
  44. Miika Kiprusoff
  45. Paul Statsny
  46. Shane Doan
  47. Derek Roy
  48. Mark Savard
  49. Mike Richards
  50. Patrick Kane


First thing is first: #33, lambs—none other than the Hemskyianian One himself. Sorry Spezza. Sorry Nash. Sorry Briere.


#7 Luongo? Try explaining that when the Canucks finish last in the Northwest.

#20 Zdeno Chara? Really? Is this list actually titled “Big donkeys who signed fortunate deals in Original Six Cities?”

#28 Sergei Gonchar? Huh? What year is this list from?

#46 Shane Doan? Zuh? How many strings did Gretzky have to pull to get him on this thing?


#2 We would rank Ovi-One over Crosby any day.

#36 Poor Rick Nash. Brule isn’t the only player who suffered in Columbus the past few seasons.

Where is Henrik Sedin? He is the exact same player as Daniel. If one makes it, the other should tie at the same position.

And also…

Have you ever heard of The Sports Score Forecaster? They are new our favourite magazine for gambling degens, as they have picked the Oilers to finish THIRD in the Western Conference. And you have to pay $9.99 for the report. Suckers—we would happily pay $100 for a report that lists the Oil as winners of the Northwest in 2008–09

  • I disagree, Shane Doan is the Pheonix Coyotes, though that doesn't say much. He is a proven player, any team would play him on their top line.

    Ones who deserve to not be on that list:

    Toskala (facepalm)
    Patrick Kane
    Jonathan Toews (sorry, no rookies belong)

    Prolly missed a few.

  • "#7 Luongo? Try explaining that when the Canucks finish last in the Northwest."

    I remember when a Gretzky lead Kings team finished the year with 66 pts once and that was with an 84 game schedule. No one would have considered him over rated.

    Two years from now when Katz offers him a Brinks truck in signing him for the Oilers you will be singing a different tune I am sure.

    Besides no one will even be thinking of the Canucks when they come in last, everyone will be trying figure out how Calgary ended up missing the dance when they apparently have 3 of the top 50 on their roster.

  • Morrow # 15? Pronger #11 ahead of (My name may sound french but I'll kick your ass )Phaneuf at 22? This list makes sense if you smoke massive amounts of crack….But this list is meaningless, as everyone in Oilersnation knows, 1-10 looks like this, Hemsky, Horcoff, Cole, Gagner, Penner, Nilsson, Cogliano, Visnovsky, Souray, Gilbert, with an honorable mention to none other then Gibby the Creme Brule! And if you don't agree with this list, you love Hitler and the Calgary Flames, cause this list bleeds Copper and blue and is the only list a true Oiler fan should care about.

    DIVISION CHAMPS 08/09!!!!

  • I sure do know what happened to Hemsky's neck.

    Back in 2005, Hemsky was playing for HC Moller during the lockout in Pardubice, in the Czech Republic. He was out at some night club and with buddies and some random rockstar stabbed him in the neck with a broken glass.

    He was nicked for a whole whack of stitches and it damn near nicked his jugular vein and carotid artery. The guy who did it was unknown to Hemsky, and was never apprehended.

    Now Hemsky has a gangster scar with which to impress chick and zillions of dollars in the bank. The assailant still probably lives in fear of regular beatings from Czech Hockey Fans, to whom Hemsky is a God.

    Who told me that story back in 2005? Why it was none other than Robin Brownlee

    I love it when people ask me questions.

  • A few quibbles:

    *Lecavalier at 5th? Seriously? He scores a ton, but lets just as many in at his own end. I'd take any of the half-dozen players immediately behind him on that list before I'd take him on my team.

    *Dion Phaneuf the 4th best defenseman in the league? He's a great powerplay performer, but he's not even a top-two even-strength/penalty-kill guy on his own team.

    *Daniel Briere doesn't belong on the list, and neither does Miika Kiprusoff after his performance last season.

    *Marc Savard should be way higher than 48th. I'm the last guy to say that point production is what defines a good player, but he's been better than a point-per-game since the lockout, and as topped 95 points twice in the last three years.

  • Fiveandagame –

    You aren't an Oilers fan by some chance are you?

    Towel Boy –

    You rascist. What's wrong with non white clothing? I personally haven't worn clothing in over 12 years, instead fashioning a suit from braided body hair that resembles daisy duke shorts.

    Greg MC –

    No worries my man.

    mjsh –

    Now you're talking. Hartigan should have his number retired league wide, or at the very least have a bobblehead comissioned.

  • Wayne Gretz, I am not a "fan" of the mighty Oil, just as a Christian is not a "fan" of Jesus or a Muslim is not a "fan" of Allah, or Dustin Penner not a a "fan" of Tim Hortons… Like all of the above, I am a devout follower, a zealot, serving only one purpose. Only I follow the ways of the Oil. A proud yet humble soldier of the copper and blue. Why is the way of the Oil my calling? Because it's way better than being a Christian or Buddhist or Moron..sorry Mormon, WHY??? Cause instead of one Jesus? We have a depth chart of Jesus' Even some Minor League Jesus' and front office Jesus', In all there has to be like 50 Jesus' to worship. Thats one hell of a fu*king religion if you ask me….and you did…So I answered it…My question to you Wayne Gretz is…Will I see you at Church on Sunday October 12th 6pm?

  • To all of those in the Oilers Nation. I don't know if any of you have heard or saw this but the best hockey man on TV Ron Maclean's mother died today. He lost her to cancer. She fell and broke her hip the night before the opening ceremonies and she has spiraled down hill since then. Maclean never once let it show. He continued to broadcast for 2 hours after hearing the news from his wife back home, then respectfully bowed but not before thanking the medical staff at the hospital and everyone who was looking after her and everyone popped in for a visit in her last days on the air. Maclean is a class act. For any of you who saw this live it was truly gut wrenching and Maclean never wavered. And to think CBC considered canning him two years ago. This may not be Oiler related, but Maclean epitomizes what the Oilers stand for. Class, Dedication and Heart. Now to and offer your condolences to the Maclean family like the classy Oiler faithful that you are.

  • I have a problem with Neidermayer making the list, because he only plays half seasons these days. So he should feasibly get only half his score of 26, which is 52, missing the list. Luongo and Nabokov both placing higher than Martin Brodeur? He better go all Patty Roy on this Spector fellow. Best goalie of the era.

    Most notable forward missing this list: Olli Jokinen. Seriously, what does this dude have to do to garner some respect.

    Most notable defenseman missing this list: Jay Boumeester. There's gotta be something in the water in Florida, that makes NHL players look like shit, and American voters act like shit.

    Also, I'm hoping you copy/pasted this list from the actual site, so I'm not ripping into you, but any person filling criterias #1 and #2 should have the forethought to do a bit of reserach into their articles, namely a spell-check. I know he's a leaf, but Vesa Toskala deserves to have his name spelled correctly.