A Canadian son loses his Mom: RIP Mrs Maclean

Astute reader Fiveandagame was kind enough to send us a tip about a very sad event for a top drawer Canadian today:

“To all of those in the Oilers Nation. I don’t know if any of you have heard or saw this but the best hockey man on TV Ron Maclean’s mother died today.”

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Maclean “announced late Wednesday on air that his mother had passed away from pancreatic cancer in Oakville, Ont.”

CBC went on to say that “After signing off from Wednesday’s edition of the Olympic Prime broadcast, MacLean was to return to his home in Oakville to be with his family.

Maclean himself said the following at his blog at CBC:

Dear Friends,

I just wanted you to know my situation. My Mom has passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Two weeks ago a fall and the resulting broken hip compounded her plight. If you’ve been through cancer’s wrath, the rest you know. Many family members, friends and the medical community in Oakville, Ont., have been incredible. They’ve been rowing hard.

I need to get home.

Scott Russell will take the helm here, and that is where he truly belongs. Thanks for your concern. Please do not worry. We’re fine.


Damn it, Maclean, you’re such a good guy. We echo Fiveandagame:

“Maclean is a class act. For any of you who saw this live it was truly gut wrenching and Maclean never wavered. . Now go here and offer your condolences to the Maclean family like the classy Oiler faithful that you are.”

You heard the man/woman/robot. Go and comment on Ron’s blog and send your condolences, or you can leave them here.

Take ‘er easy Ron. You are one of the greats and it must be your genes.