News when there is no news

We here at the OilersNation team try hard to get one or two articles up here each and every day. Sometimes it’s easy to find stuff, sometimes it isn’t. Usually things happen that make writing easy as pie—say if Kevin Lowe were to be arrested in a knife fight with Brian Burke. Or say Chris Pronger was spotted back in Edmonton, pushing a baby carriage. Yeah, if something like that were to happen, we would have all sorts of things to write.

So when there’s nothing that springs to mind in the news, we go hunting on other blogs and sites. We usually do the rounds of the Oilers blogs: Lowetide, mc79hockey, PunjabiOil—the usual suspects. These folks are on the ball, and often find things we didn’t know about. We also check HFboards and Oilfans—if it ain’t on one of the boards there, it hasn’t happened. Or we sit back and pray to the Gods of Hockey Blogging that one of the other Nation writers has sent something in.

Sometimes it’s 43 days till the season starts, and there’s nothing happening at all. We guess its just that time of year. Most NHL players have blown through all of their money in the off-season and they are laying low waiting for the new paydays—er season—to start. Same for the GMs: most have spent their fiscal wad, and are laying low waiting for the injuries—er season—to start. Whatever the case, it’s as quiet out there as a Kevin Federline fan club meeting. But that can’t last forever, and we are on it.

We just don’t want to put up crap on the site that we wouldn’t read too. There are lots of sites out there that post new stuff once every four months or so. There are also lots of sites that write tons everyday, but the posts blow—for one reason or another. We aim to be in the middle. Your ol’ pal Wanye doesn’t want to waste your time with some weak crap. Neither does Willis, nor Brownlee. So today we wait, if “nothing” happens soon, we will just start making “something” up.

And thanks for coming back to our little section of the interwebs. We can’t believe how many people are interested in letters to Glencross, where Tambellini may or may not have GM’d and comparing Bertuzzi to lovable ‘80s movies monsterolas. But for the tens of thousands that have been coming here weekly, we thank you and know we are all looking forward to the season starting, and some real stuff starting to happen again.

Keep it real,
Dr Wanye von Gretz IV

One last thing

Did anyone notice how well Dr Randy Gregg is doing in the poll? That’s gangsta! Good for you, Dr Randy Gregg.

One last other thing

We can tell you that behind the scenes the OilersNation business development team and human trafficking division has been hard at work lately. There have been lots of meetings, tears, fistfights and games of Big Buck Hunter. As a result, a LOT of good things are coming down the pipe. We don’t want to play their hand for them, cause they rarely tell us anything, but if we were you we would go and get a helmet on just to be safe. When these people start announcing the new stuff and people involved in the Nation next year, it may cause head traumas caused by fainting caused by shock and joy.

Safety first people!