Major news: OilersNation signs ‘The Godfather of the Blogosphere’

We’ve said it many times in many different articles:

“We are not Lowetide, but here are some numbers…”

“We don’t want to get all Lowetide on your behinds but…”

“Sorry for the late post, we got into a knife fight. We were this close to losing, but fortunately Lowetide showed up with his karate skills. The thugs were dispatched in short order, and Lowetide was kind enough to carry us home on his muscle bound back.”

Yep, we aren’t Lowetide and we will never be. But you know who is Lowetide? Lowetide. And you know who has joined the OilersNation team?


A man who has labeled four separate posts with reference to Grace Kelly in the past year. A man who once single handedly beat Big Blue –- that super smart computer -– in a best-of-seven chess match. A man so revered that he has been placed in charge of “all NHL history” for the coming 25 years on the entire internet.


(cheers and applause)

What say you sir?

“I was approached by the men of OilersNation to write for their blog. I have been promised beer, women with legs to the sky and as much Elmer’s glue as I require. Since those three items constitute most of my annual ‘spending money’ budget, it seemed like a no-brainer. They’re also doing all the artwork, handling my legal problems and all of my relatives are going to their house for major holidays.

I’ve never met the men of OilersNation and they have refused all of my reqests for any kind of meeting or any kind of contract agreement specifying my rights. This is going to turn out fine.

— Lowetide.”