OilersNation signs Jason ‘The Truth’ Gregor

The funny thing about the internet is that you never know who’s reading your site. One day it’s the Pope, the next day it’s the Pope’s brother Gary. Hopefully it’s never the legal department of the NHL right? Ha ha ha…

*nervous cough*

Anyways, we were contacted awhile back by one Jason Gregor who basically told us, “I like your site, but other than Brownlee everyone there is garbage.” Now bear in mind that this was before Lowetide and Willis joined—so basically he was dissing yours truly.

Easily the most photographed member of the Edmonton sports media community, his words stung. But as a direct descendant of the 15th Archduke of Austria-Hungary, we don’t care much about what anyone thinks. Still, it did lead to a conversation and handing Gregor off to the ONPDD (OilersNation Personnel Development Department™) here at the OilersNation World Headquarters™.

From what we’ve been told, approximately 300 meetings ensued and one of the tensest negotiations of all time was conducted. We had one thing working for us: we are on the internet and we told Gregor we receive approximately 30 million hits per day.

*nervous cough*

Gregor had one thing working for him: being the host of the biggest sports radio show in Edmonton.

So it was basically a tie.

*nervous cough*

Gregor is in Atlantic City for the HDNet Fights but luckily sent us this before our self imposed 3 PM deadline:

I started reading this site when it first started and let’s be honest, it was junk. But it has come a long way since and I think that this site is the future. This isn’t some blog – it’s a hockey website and these guys have a lot more coming soon.

I am very happy to be joining the Nation team and I’m looking forward to bringing lots of hockey coverage to the table in the years to come. I’m also looking forward to putting this idiot “Wanye Gretz” in his place. I can tell that Brownlee has had his hands full here holding back all of the rumours and speculation that go around on the internet but the cavalry has now arrived.

I am going to start off the season on Sunday when I will be covering the Oilers Rookie Game for the Nation. Until then, it’s fight night here in Atlantic City.



And this won’t be radio Jason Gregor either. This is unedited and non CRTC regulated internet Gregor.

The team is now complete.

Baron Wanye von Gretz VIII, MD

—Wanye Gretz was in charge of the Nation from 230-3 PM today and it didn’t crash. He be reached at wanyegretz@gmail.com.