Good and bad News, courtesy of Matheson

A few items of note, courtesy of the always-informed Jim Matheson:

Hrabal Injured

Josef Hrabal’s shoulder injury is apparently going to be out for a while. Matheson quotes Prendergast as saying that “there may be a tear,” and it sounds like he’s done for the remainder of camp. It’s unfortunate for Hrabal, who has a bunch of pro experience and some age on the other reserve defencemen, but it isn’t bad news for his competition, and it isn’t even particularly bad news for the Oilers. There are a ton of guys fighting for ice-time at the AHL level, and there should be plenty of guys to step up and take Hrabal’s spot in Springfield.

Goaltending Carousel

To my great relief, it now sounds like Andrew Perugini is going to get a contract from the Oilers. Kevin Prendergast is again quoted, this time as indicating that the backup job in Springfield is up for grabs, and that all of Glenn Fisher, Bryan Pitton, and Andrew Perugini will get a shot at it. I’d imagine that Fisher is going to get the least amount of playing time, since of the three he’s not only the oldest, but he also hasn’t shown much outside of one nice NCAA season. At 25, and after posting mediocre numbers in Stockton, I think he’s essentially out of the picture for ever getting a shot at the NHL.

Perugini and Pitton are both entering their first professional season, and after this year we should have a better idea of which is most likely to contend for NHL duty long-term. Prendergast compared Perugini to ex-Oilers goaltender Steve Passmore, who had a relatively long minor league career and a cup of coffee in the NHL.

Prendergast also confirmed that the Oilers don’t mind seeing goaltenders start in the ECHL, based on the fact that they get a lot of games in. That makes a lot of sense to me, given that development-wise it’s probably better for a brand new pro to be getting 50 games in Stockton than 20 games in Springfield.

—Jonathan Willis is the force behind Copper and Blue, and a frequent OilersNation contributor.

  • Hippy

    I agree 50 games in the ECHL is better than being a glorified water boy in Springfield for our young guys. Even if they are rotating Perugini and Pitton in and out of the ECHL into the AHL to get a look at better competition, that would be great for their development. So glad we have farm teams now so we can actually develop out net minders appropriately.

  • Hippy

    Of course, this could all get thrown out the window if Dealauriers clears waivers. I know he's got the one-way, and that the coaching staff has said he'll break camp with the Oilers but come on. Talk is cheap. I wanna see results first.

  • Hippy

    'ol Ty is on his quest for the cup…he was with Buffalo when they were hot…Pittsburgh when they were hot….and now he's on the unbelievably, disgustingly stacked Red Wings…may his quest for the cup be foiled by the Mighty Oil.

  • Hippy

    About Conklin:

    After the debacle he made of game 1 of the SCF he wasn't welcome here anymore. It reminded me a little of the Steve Smith reaction.

    Having said that, I always liked the lad from Alaska so I am happy he is doing well these days.