Again with the Panthers: a kids line debut

The Kids line will make their debut tonight at Rexall. Here is tonight’s lineup.

Nilsson – Cogliano – Gagner
Trukhno – Pouliot – Penner
Brodziak – Brule – Stortini
Goulet – Spurgeon – Sestito

Staios – Smid
Gilbert – Grebeshkov
Chorney – Strudwick

Garon and Roloson, Garon will start.

The Oilers also cut 15 players today, sending 14 players to Springfield and Jordan Eberle was sent back to Regina in the WHL.

Assigned to Springfield were:

Andrew Perugini, Sebastien Bisaillon, Josef Hrabal, Jake Taylor, Cody Wild, Bryan Young, Hans Benson, Justin Chwedoruk, Garet Hunt, Bryan Lerg, Colin McDonald , Sean McMorrow, Ryan O’Marra, and Geoff Paukovich.

No surprises really. Now the Oilers have 36 players left in camp.

Oil droplets

Craig MacTavish might be changing his third line. Fellow Nation writer, Robin Brownlee, asked MacTavish about the line and he said, “I’m having some second thoughts about that, but we’ll see how it progresses. Sometimes it takes the veterans a bit longer to get into things. I will give them another shot, but it’s tough on the face-offs right now. We are giving up too many chances in the defensive zone, and I doubt I can live with that.”
Gilbert Brule will play centre tonight with Brodziak and Stortini, and with MacTavish questioning his third line, Brule suddenly becomes part of the equation for that line.

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  • misfit

    swany: I'm thinking the 3rd line center they're trying out here is Pouliot (not Brule) seeing as he's playing along side Penner tonight.

    Brodziak has been a good faceoff guy at every level, and I don't see why he wouldn't continue to have success at the NHL level. So has Pouliot, only not quite as good in the NHL. I just have a feeling that MacT would like to keep Brodziak and Stortini together on the 4th line and find another Glencross for their wing (as playing Sestito with them last game would suggest). Brule brings a lot of the same things minus the size and willingness to fight.

  • swany

    I always thought that Brule would be a good fit with Brods and Storts on the fourth line I would still like to see Penner on the second line and Cogs centre the third line, I just think that sooner or later that kid line is going to get manhandled

  • sourcrouse

    Wow, didn't realize how many others thought like me. The sooner we move Cogs to that third line spot, the sooner we have all of our pieces of the puzzle in the right spots.


    That's a solid first line with a center that can do it at both ends of the rink. A second line that can provide a lot of secondary scoring. One of the better third lines in hockey. An energetic, fiesty fourth line if Brule is in the line up.

  • misfit

    I figure the kid line will stay together until they prove they can't cut it. They've been our best line in the preseason when they were together, and they played very well to finish last year. So far there haven't been many signs of them "needing" anything.

    And by the looks of things, Cole is going to stay on the top line. That makes two lines that are all but set in stone. What happens with the rest of the lineup is anyone's guess, but I don't think Cogliano is in the "3rd line center" mix.

  • He hasn't been sent down yet, probably because he doesn't have a home at the moment, but you'd think they'd chuck him into a game or two to keep the legs fresh and give him another look. Might as well use him if you're gonna keep him up, eh?

  • Jason Gregor


    You don't want to use him if he isn't ready, and right now Plante is not ready. I'd be very surprised to see him the rest of the way. You are bang on about him not having a place to play. I'm sure the Oilers' brass is talking with the Hitmen in hopes they can make a trade. He needs to play, and most importantly improve his foot speed.

  • Trevor Teed

    I watched the game last night between the OILERS and Panthers. Garon looked good as did the kid line. Smid played well too.

    Of the newcomers, I was impressed with Brule. I like the intensity he brings and I like offence. He may start in the minors but based on what I saw and what I've heard I doubt he stays there for long. This guy is not big but he plays with a mean streak, kind of like he wants to win every shift let alone every game.