Don’t mess with our players

Are the Oilers finally going to have a play-four-minutes-a-night tough guy again? Well, it looks like coach MacTavish believes his team is in need of that player and good enough to have that role filled on their fourth line.

Today the Oilers plucked Steve MacIntyre off waivers from Florida. The 6’6”, 265 pound behemoth will play Friday in Calgary, and possibly could play five minutes a night on the fourth line in certain regular season games.

Here is his bio.

“The bottom line is we need to be able to protect our skill in a way that we haven’t done the last little while. If you’re going to be a good team you have to protect the skill on your team. A lot of our skill is attached to competitive bodies, but they’re smaller bodies, and we have to make sure that opposing teams aren’t feeling like they can take liberties with our skill,” said MacTavish.

This seems like a change in philosophy from the team tough mantra, but MacTavish admitted it is also due to more skill throughout the lineup.

“We are good enough that we can have a guy play limited minutes, it will also allow us to keep other guys involved in the game (Penner), so their minutes don’t decrease too much.”

While it isn’t a guarantee that MacIntyre will stick, it’s fitting that this decision comes on a day where the Oilers and Flames meet. It sounds like MacTavish and his staff are determined to ensure that Hemsky, Gagner, Nilsson and the other skill players don’t take too much abuse this season.

Here are the lines for tonight’s tilt against the Flames:

Cole – Horcoff – Hemsky
Nilsson – Gagner – Cogliano
Moreau – Spurgeon – Lefebvre
Corrazzini – Brule – Schremp

Souray – Vishnovsky
Gilbert – Grebeshkov
Peckham – Roy

Roloson will start.

  • RobinB

    For all the people who didn't believe MacTavish had changed his tune in terms of wanting a bonafide hammer to protect his skilled playuers — even after the team's attempt at bringing Georges Laraque back — here's the proof.

    There's NOTHING about MacIntyre that gets him anywhere near the NHL except size and toughness. He's a palooka. A meathead. Hockey skill doesn't mean a damn thing — he's a super-heavyweight who matches up with anybody out there.

    Can MacIntyre play a regular shift? No. Can he skate? Barely. That said, it doesn't matter.
    He's tough as nails and mean as hell. He knows his job description and he can do it in three or minutes a game 35 or 40 nights this season.

    Ales, this is Steve. Steve, this is Ales.

  • Scott

    He's listed at D.
    I wonder if MacT's plan is to play 7 D in games that MacIntyre draws into (and then cycle Moreau, Nilsson or Penner at 4LW), or play him at forward.

    You can't have an NHL defenseman play 4 minutes a game.

  • Big Cap

    At the very least we are trying to address the situation of us needing a true heavyweight!!

    We always took great pride in our tough guys and they always had a special important place with our team. ie: Sammy, Marty, Brown, and Big George.

    George was the heavyweight champ but refused to go after anyone other than the other teams heavyweight off the draw. I think it is time we need a guy with a little more fire and aggression to go after the light heavy's and middle weights who like to stir the pot… Like Robyn and Dion in Cowtown. It is the guy who will put the fear in those little girls that will keep them away form our stars. Both those babies knew they were free from Big George's reign. But now with guys like Peckham, Levebre, and Steve MacIntyre all bets are off. Plus now..Boogy who???

    Go Oil GO!!!

  • Rick

    Can someone clarify how the waiver wire works.

    In the article posted by Jonathan it says that the Panthers will reclaim him as soon as the Oilers put him on waivers to send him down to Springfield at which time they will immediately re-assign him to Rochester, without having to clear waivers again.

    It also makes mention of a 30 day or 10 game rule.

    Does this mean that if Edmonton keeps him for 30 days then he would have to clear waivers again if Florida picked him up (or keep him on the NHL roster)? In which case Edmonton could again grab him and send him down without exposing him?

    I am just trying to get a sense of if Edmonton is going to burn a roster spot for the entire year just to keep him from getting snatched up again by the Panthers.

  • doritogrande

    Scott: Yes. Corrazzini was among the first round of cuts. I think someone wasn't in the right state of mind when they posted.

    I'm not 100% certain, but couldn't Florida have put the veto on the waiver claim? I seem to remember a rule in the CBA whereby you're allowed to veto one waiver claim per season to retain a player. Is this not correct? And if so, wouldn't Florida's statement that they WILL claim him if he's waived again a bit of an empty threat? I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this for me.

  • N00b1anPr1n(355

    why is corrazini playing tonight? Its not like he is actually ever going to make it (watch me eat my words). It should be stortini; we cant be that worried about him gettin injured.

  • Jason Gregor


    The team that loses a player to waivers does have the first right to re-claim him, and then if they wish, they can send him to the minors without him clearing waivers.


    MacT said he will be a forward. He played a fair amount of games in Providence last year as a forward.


    No Corrazzini is playing. The Oilers made a mistake when they sent him down last week. In the CBA, you can't send a player down who has to clear waivers until 12 days before your team's first NHL regular season game. Thus, the Oil will send him down tomorrow. They had to recall him, and put him in the lineup tonight as a reward for the mistake basically.

  • Rick


    Thanks for replying but I was more curious about the 30 day, 10 game part of the rule.

    As in, once 30 days are up does that mean Florida can no longer reclaim him and send him down with once again exposing him to waivers?

    On another note, do you or Robin know if any of the Oilers (players or coaches) ended up going over seas for the funeral of Jussi's son?

  • Jason Gregor


    None of the players or current coaches could go due to training camp and the travel. I know the organization sent him a personal package, the contents were not announced, and really that type of thing should be between Jussi and the team.

    As for the 30-day, 10-game rule, here is how it works. In that frame work, Florida would get the first shot to re-claim MacIntyre and can send him to the minors without having to clear waivers. However, after the 30 day, 10 game timeframe, they still get first right to claim him, but he would have to clear waivers if they chose to send him to minors.