Rumour: Kay-Z buys more stuff

I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s fun to follow around Edmonton’s own Gentleman Bajillionaire and speculate about what he’ll do next.


What do you say?

Imagine you’re an Oiler right now. You make gagillions of dollars, you have the adoration of thousands of hard working folks


On scoring

With the Oilers having a harder time scoring than Wanye’s sister at Buddy’s, it is time to wonder if an SOS from Springfield is necessary.


Stauffer gets the call

With Wanye Gretz, The Warrior, Tony Fiorello, Al Nagy and fingernails on a blackboard somehow being overlooked, Bob Stauffer will be the voice of the Edmonton Oilers on 630 CHED for the next seven games.


Woe, thy name is Oil

The Oilers might want to try a new pre-game routine, or get a new alarm clock because they have been snoozing through most of the first periods so far this season.



They say you learn something new every day. Yesterday we learned that broken laptops can’t fly