Editors note: Wanye is in Banff working and hasn’t had a beer all week. Now he sent us this 4 beers deep from some sports bar. He is watching the game and sending us text messages.

Uh what? Did anyone see that Macintyre beat the hell out of Vandermeer? He’s hot. A fit female cousin in Calgary hot.

Penner? Is that you? What was a Prust and why did you maul him?

The Battle of Alberta is going to be good this year!

Update @ 9:50pm: This game is Delauriers’ career. Get them saves play boy!
Update @ 9:56pm: Overtime goal. For heavens sakes. Good thing its preseason. We care about preseason like we care about an ex girlfriend.

Very little, if at all.

  • Wanye: As advertised earlier this week: "Whatever motivated MacTavish to take a second look matters little. The Oilers will roll into Calgary Friday with MacIntyre in the line-up. Ass will be kicked and it’ll be a busy night for the big slugger from Saskatchewan. The first of many."

    Get used to it. Mac is the goods.

  • I stood and cheered from my seat in Section 307 last night when Vandermeer got filled in. That was awesome.

    That being said, MacIntyre also took a stupid penalty earlier in the second that touched off the parade to the box that resulted in Calgary's second goal and the slow, painful death of the momentum built up from a 3-1 lead.

  • What was Schremp doing shooting on the net after the whistle when Macintyre was on the ice?

    Give him a break, Hemsky has done it before too. I think it was against Colorado or Minnesota. All I remember correctly is that it was a right-catching goalie in net and Hemsky deked him out after the whistle.

    Does it really matter? You shouldn't do it but it only takes one reminder – getting punched in the face. If Schremp doesn't learn it now he'll still get it eventually.