Oil kill the Ducks with grease

Big ups to Philip Ontakos for coining the headline midway through the third period. This is just an example of the think tank that is becoming the OilersNation.

Holy chocolate covered trout on a stick. Could the Oilers lose any more faceoffs? This is getting to be a bit much. Does Mark Savard really have five goals in his first three games? Did Madonna really file for divorce from Guy Ritchie?

We are through the looking glass here people…

The second meeting of the OilersNation Justice League Roundtable™ during the game was a startling, nay murderous success. Collectively we decreed:

  1. Contrary to what TSN says Brunnstrom is not an internet legend. Jenna Jameson is an internet legend.
  2. The Oil lost faceoffs like Mike Tyson lost money. Fastly and furiously.
  3. Kim Mitchell used to have awesome hair. Now, not so much.
  4. Garon is a star and is going to be busier than (insert joke here).
  5. Oilers winning is a good thing.

What an age we live in.

Seriously though, the Oil need to get better in the faceoff dot STAT. Perhaps they should hold some sort of event where the team could pretend they are playing a game but it wouldn’t count. Almost “practice” game time conditions and work on faceoffs.

We aren’t a coach, what do we know.

We know that a win is a win.


Oh and before everyone starts crying, “Sam Gagner is a washed up bum at the age of 19,” let’s all take note that he had a game-high six shots on goal and was quite effective. Ales Hemsky, not so much. One assist and looked quiter than (insert joke here)

  • Two close wins over Western Conference opponents is a plus at this early point of the season, however, one of the first real tests of this squad is the two upcoming games against the Flames. Will the Flames be able to take advantage of the Oilers inability to win face-offs and utilize their size and strength to control the puck while overpowering the Oil for twin wins?

  • Answer: No. The flames suck, 'nuff said.

    FYI, Brunnstrom beat the records of Alex Smart and Real Cloutier. Are we headed towards a mix of Max Smart's cousin and Eminem in goalie gear? What are those Swedes doing in their mad scientist labs?

  • the flames may win in the faceoff circle, but all we have to do is throw the puck on net and we'll score mass amounts of goals! kipprusoff is a joke! 16GA in 3 games? thats pathetic. calgary, where cowboys and hockey players get all 'brokeback mountain'. lol. die flamers!

  • After looking briefly, here are the glaring stats:

    Everyone but Horc and Gagner were hovering around the 50% mark for faceoffs.

    Moreau is the only Oiler with more than 2 hits.

    Cole was the most effective Oiler and was near the top in all stats for the Oilers in shots, hits and takeaways while only having more ice time than Pisani, Pouliot, Brodziak and MacIntyre.

    Now for my opinion:

    Although I was impressed with his effort, Cole looks out of place and very uncomfortable on the left wing.

    Oilers need to play more physical and really missed Stortini's intensity on the forecheck.

    The Oilers looked uninvolved in the game until Brodziak and Pouliot started playing some shifts in the 3rd. Their line was the only thing that made me excited about watching the next game.

    The Oilers were manhandled in their own zone by the Ducks. The Ducks seemed to be able to push anyone in an Oiler jersey off the puck at will.

    The Oilers could rarely gain the offensive zone for 2 1/2 periods. They skated the puck across the line to the top of the circle, try to pass it back to the defence and it was usually tipped out of the zone for an odd man break. Until they started to dump and chase they couldn't sustain any offensive pressure.


  • Garon for KING!!!!

    The kids looked great from the second period on.

    We need some team energy. Brodz, pouly and someone need to be a crushing line.

    But, as the game went on, they started to get better.

    They are gonna spank those brokeback flames (but, not they way the flames spank each other after practise!!!)

  • These two games will be interesting to say the least. It did look last night that the Oilers were coming together a bit. However, the Ducks did play the night before as well. My sense is that with so many players playing different positions that they are thinking too much and not just playing. That makes them a step behind. For the first time I actually am getting optimistic again. Two wins, playing only 30 minutes of hockey is a lot of luck. If the Oilers can split with the Flames, then I will be back on the bandwagon for a good shot at winning the division. Some one please light a fire under Hemmer.

  • Gord: "Although I was impressed with his effort, Cole looks out of place and very uncomfortable on the left wing"

    Hasn't he always been a left winger? I am sure that was the position he played for the Hurricanes. Where would you have him play?

  • SquidRx:

    Cole played right wing in Carolina, from what I recall. For some credibility, it was mentioned last night during the game by Ray Ferraro that he plays much better driving to the net from the right side of the ice. As well, I read/heard several times in the media as to why he and Hemsky seem to keep running into each other.

  • Cole likes to drive the net from the right wing.

    Also, to me, Penner does looks faster than last year. I wonder if at some point during the season Penner will get another sniff at that first line. Cole probably deserves more than 3rd line ice time, but with Moreau and Pisani he could play from the right and give the Oilers a three line scoring threat.

  • I'm not sure why the Oilers don't experiment with Hemsky on the LW. He floats all over the ice and is dangerous from any angle. From his play so far this year, he looks like he is in need of a shake up anyway.

  • "Gord Says:
    October 16th, 2008 at 2:46 pm
    I’m not sure why the Oilers don’t experiment with Hemsky on the LW. He floats all over the ice and is dangerous from any angle. From his play so far this year, he looks like he is in need of a shake up anyway."

    I'm really ok with Hemsky's play. Looks invisible but yet 4 points in three games…. Keep it up.