Game Day B*tches 3: The perfect storm

Are the Gods of liquor poisoning kidding us? Back to back Fri-Sat night games against Calgary? Someone call the liver replacement clinic – we will need to book a 7 AM appointment on Monday morning.

There is only one thing we like better than hockey. Beer. Well hold up, include women in that. And automatic weapons. Yeah, that works. There are only three things we like better than hockey: beer, the ladies and automatic weapons. And 17th century harpsichord rhapsodies.

Back to back weekend games? This is big. Bigger than Hasselhoff in Germany big. Bigger than a Tupac “I’m not dead Tour” being announced. Bigger than … well you get the picture.

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Game time work

These Justice League Meetings on the Nation during the games are becoming a double edged sword. On the one hand we can’t leave OilersNation HQ and hit the streets of E-Town to interact with the party people during the game. On the other hand we can slam beers in our authentic 1991 Bill Ranford Jersey and scream at the top of our lungs at the powerplay without bothering the waitress.

Speaking of the waitress – we’d like to order a double head stomping of the Flames. And something with coconut on it. Thanks darlin’.

See you online at game time. What a weekend it is going to be.

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– You can catch Wanye Gretz in your sister’s room at exactly 1:15 AM tonight.

  • "They (the Oilers) don’t make much, if anything, so what do they care."

    I suspect this is going to be like arguing with a Jehovah's Witness, so I'm not going to say more than this.

    Suffice it to say that you are grossly mistaken if you truly believe what you just wrote. Either that or you actually bought all that stuff the EIG has been spewing the last few years.

    Lets just make the assumption that a guy like Darryl Katz doesn't buy losing propositions. You can figure out the rest by going through those bothersome blogs that didn't exist that long ago.

  • Never in my life have I seen a coach not deliver a speech in intermission. That ad is lame!

    That ad is accurate. Sometimes you don't need to scream at the boys to make the point that they're playing like dog shit. Sometimes, they're perfectly good at feeling shame on their own.

    Focus less on the Oilers Sportsnet. Geez

    I saw this complaint elsewhere (LT's?) and I don't get it. For Flames home games, they use the Flames crew and have a Flames focus. For Oilers home games, it's the Oil crew and focus. Seems pretty obvious to me.

    Did you giys hear the Oiler chant?

    Sure did. Participated in one when I was at the preseason game. The Saddledome nosebleeds are both horrible and awesome.

    I had two half drank beers thrown at me. and lots of ice cubes.

    Shit, really? I've been to at least four Oilers games at the 'Dome in the last five years, and I've never had an issue.

  • That was only at the one game and I was sitting in the Rowdy cheaper section. It was just a couple of guys I assume because the other two times I was in the Dome for an oil game were two of the best times I have ever had at a game. The fans there treated us great. When the Oilers lost we were teased pretty hard and when we won it was pretty fun to give it back. It's such a neat experience to be cheering for the visitors at a game and the flames fans were very great to us. That is why I am going back again for the home and home at the end of the season.

  • David,

    That was a preseason game and Gregor stated he wouldn't do regular games. And if you notice, there was a professional tone to the the piece. Point is Dave whines when someone challenges him, clearly he isn't cut out to be a media guy.

  • Mike,

    Fair enough then about Gregor. On another blog, I mentioned that I thought Dave quitting was the wrong thing to do do. You are also right in your assertion of "professionalism", although many of us might take that definition to be awfully close to censorship in this case.

    Problem is, very rarely is there such a thing as access AND complete freedom of speech in pro sports. I think it must be a hard pill to swallow for independents and new-age bloggers who are used to saying whatever they want. You just know that more clashes of this type are inevitable going forward. However, it makes it a whole lot easier to suck up the abuse if you're getting a paycheque at the end of the day.

  • I wonder who riled up the press guys. It must be someone who a.) knows a little about what goes on in the oilers blogs and b.) has a vested interest in no one -or no one else?- blogging on the oilers with an inside scoop.

    Hmmm…, seems to me there are two prime candidates…

  • Tikked,

    Lets be fair here. This has nothing to do with any "prime candidates". Despite what many might think, the Oilers are very aware of what goes down online. Not to mention that Dave tipped his hat in advance by saying he was going to live blog. No doubt he was being shadowed the moment he plugged in his 'puter in the PB.

  • Yo motherF'n Wanye!!

    Get off your ass and update this website; Im F'n Fiending for your S. Its BOA numero dos tonight and your probably drunk banging hookers. Im proud and devastated at the same time.

    Your friend,

  • David S:

    Fair enough. But how do you know that the organization wasn't informed by someone? I mean, aren't you just guessing here? And even if the organaization knew what Dave was doing, why did they care, if it wasn't to protect more established media people like Robin and Jason?

    Robin B:

    Of course, I've heard of no evidence suggesting you're involved at all.

    But do you support 'coveredinoil"? Or do you support the team media guys? I'm interested and I think everyone else is too. After all, the team has treated you with a different standard. Don't you feel like you should stand up for Dave, given that it's possible they were picking on him on your behalf?

    Moreover, I would guess you know all of the parties involved. Who do you think is responsible? Or would you rather not say for fear of offending the team?

  • Tikked: So, after implying Gregor and I are petty enough to cause trouble for a blogger I'd never heard of before Friday by calling us the "two prime candidates" in riling up the press guys, you want to know what I think?

    And do I think I should stand up for Dave, given it's possible they were "picking on him" on my behalf?

  • Tikked,

    Why I'm even responding to you boggles my mind. You don't post your real name so your opinion means absolutely nothing to me.

    I have no idea who the guy was. He was actually sitting beside me and JJ asked me who he was and I said I have no idea. Then JJ proceded to introduce himself. I'm sure you can ask the guy and he will tell you. Why would I care who the guy is? It sounds like they had a run in and after it was all said and done he could have come back, but chose not to.

    What is the story??? That he can't handle a bit of criticism? Well get used to it. It is my job to critique people so it would be pretty hypocritical if I couldn't take some here and there. Clearly he can't so what do you want me to do about it. IF he can't take criticism it is best he gets out now. No one really likes it, but if you give it out, you better be prepared to back up your beliefs or at least take the heat when it comes your way.

    Why don't you ask the guy why he never said which outlet he was working for? Why would that have to be kept a secret? If he was a good employee I'm sure they would have went to bat for him don't you think??

    I will say this, over the years I have had a few encounters with PR guys, because that is their job. I've had private meetings with them and even coaches. They have their stance I have mine. We agree to disagree and move on. I'm sure Robin and every other media guy in any city with a pro team has had the same encounter. That is part of the job. Nothing more nothing less.

    If you think I actually worry about what a blogger writes you are kidding yourself. I respect their views, but I'm not that insecure to have to try to get them in trouble. Give me a break. Maybe you should learn how it works in an adult world Tikked.

  • "What is the story??? That he can’t handle a bit of criticism?"

    No, the story is that they wanted to kick him out of the building for "abusing" his press pass the same way you guys have (using access for material on a separate blog). "Abusing" is obviously the Oilers' PR term.

    Not that it's in any way laying blame on Oilers Nation or finger pointing at you and Brownlee at all, as I think it's absurdly paranoid of the Oilers.

    If you read David's post, it's really more about how he's moving on from blogging, and not a rant, nor whining about not being able to take criticism.

    Naturally, a lot of things get said in the comments, but not all are the views of Covered in Oil.

    ~Mike Winters

  • RobinB:

    I remember once that you said that once a team has a good PP they don't need a physical enforcer, and vice versa. Now that we have both a good PP and a physical enforcer… what do we need next on the team?

    A faceoff taking 3rd line centerman? Or are we starting to feel good about keeping Pisani there?

  • Anthony: I think I'd wait more than three games to pass judgment on the PP, especially if you're contemplating making roster moves based on very limited results.

    As for what's needed, it's my opinion the most pressing issue is to stop using three roster spots for goaltenders. Of course, changing that is easier said than done.

  • Stay classy Robin B and Jason G.

    It's rather clear you're both in agreement with the behavior of the oilers PR guys here.

    That's fine, I'd probably do the same in your position: the hand that feeds you and all that…

    I love that a man who reports on a game for a living is telling me about the 'adult world.'

  • Ya know, arguing on the internet is a lot like buying the new Bryan Adams CD and showing it off to your friends… You might be proud of yourself but everyone else thinks your a dumbass.

    Hope you're not 'ticked' to hear it bud.