Game Day B*tches 3: The perfect storm

Are the Gods of liquor poisoning kidding us? Back to back Fri-Sat night games against Calgary? Someone call the liver replacement clinic – we will need to book a 7 AM appointment on Monday morning.

There is only one thing we like better than hockey. Beer. Well hold up, include women in that. And automatic weapons. Yeah, that works. There are only three things we like better than hockey: beer, the ladies and automatic weapons. And 17th century harpsichord rhapsodies.

Back to back weekend games? This is big. Bigger than Hasselhoff in Germany big. Bigger than a Tupac “I’m not dead Tour” being announced. Bigger than … well you get the picture.

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Game time work

These Justice League Meetings on the Nation during the games are becoming a double edged sword. On the one hand we can’t leave OilersNation HQ and hit the streets of E-Town to interact with the party people during the game. On the other hand we can slam beers in our authentic 1991 Bill Ranford Jersey and scream at the top of our lungs at the powerplay without bothering the waitress.

Speaking of the waitress – we’d like to order a double head stomping of the Flames. And something with coconut on it. Thanks darlin’.

See you online at game time. What a weekend it is going to be.

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– You can catch Wanye Gretz in your sister’s room at exactly 1:15 AM tonight.

  • I'm trying to find out what has happened to Souray. I have only heard knee too.

    If I am ever lucky enough to see a win in Calgary I will punch the oldest, frailest Flames fan I can find directly in the face as celebration

  • I was in right below the Sportcheck section when they won in a shootout a couple of years ago. My girlfriend and I in our Oiler jerseys in a sea of Angry red. Scariest moment of my life but We stayed strong. I had two half drank beers thrown at me. and lots of ice cubes. Ahh memories…

  • *sigh*

    Dave was talking about two other reporters doing the same thing he was doing while also using their press passes – and pointed out the double standard to the goon by getting "…two concrete examples, including screen shots). I pointed this out to the PR guy in another e-mail,”

  • Come on Ray, you don't have a case here. They booted him for something other guys had been doing with impunity. They hadn't even made it known that they consider it verboten.

    If just you were tossed from a game for cheering something they didn't like, wouldn't you want to point out that your whole section was shouting it?

  • Look. I am not here to argue. But sometimes life isn't fair. The system isn't fair. If life was like "well Johnny gets a lollipop, why don't I?". The world would be a great place. Yeah it sucks for the guy I get that. But oh well. You don't bring down your comrades in the process. It was wrong.

    Besides… you can blog the game from home or pay for the 1/2 price single seats and use your blackberry and blog your butt off from your seat. They can't really do much then can they? That's all I am getting at.

    The Oilers are a business. Last I checked blogs were for fun. They (the Oilers) don't make much, if anything, so what do they care. As a business owner myself I get it. There was no blogs not that long ago and the fan base did just fine.

    At the end of the day I come here to be entertained.

  • Travis et al,


    Please. This is hilarious. My brother has been a reporter for over 15 years and he has had many run-ins with different PR guys in his time. Do they rap your knuckles from time-to-time, of course, but you have to have a thick skin.

    I find it funny how a guy who writes nameless for years, and mocks players, their looks, families and the management with no recourse, finally gets challenged and he puts his tail between his legs and goes home. What a baby.

    They said you could write again, and you quit. You are a soft skinned cry baby, who loves to dish it out to people and the first time some one gives it back you run away.

    What's even more funny is that some of you think he is the victim. You all think the Oilers control the media because you would somehow write the truth. Give me a break. I wonder what Dave would do the minute he had to face a player or coach the next day after writing a scathing article. Clearly we know the answer. He would quit.

    I'm sure there are some in the media that get influenced and there are many who don't.

    I do know that reporters have to abide by a certain code of conduct. I wonder what Dave wrote in his blog. Was it filled with the usual cursing and such. If so, that wouldn't be allowed. I know you think that freedom of speech allows you to write what you want, but in a true PROFESSIONAL setting it doesn't work that way.

    I can't comment on why Brownlee and Gregor can write, but I would guess they don't do live game blogs, and the fact they are accredited media. Brownlee writes for various outlets and Gregor has a show, which I'm sure they use the same stuff on. The difference seems obvious to me but maybe I'm wrong on this part.

  • "They (the Oilers) don’t make much, if anything, so what do they care."

    I suspect this is going to be like arguing with a Jehovah's Witness, so I'm not going to say more than this.

    Suffice it to say that you are grossly mistaken if you truly believe what you just wrote. Either that or you actually bought all that stuff the EIG has been spewing the last few years.

    Lets just make the assumption that a guy like Darryl Katz doesn't buy losing propositions. You can figure out the rest by going through those bothersome blogs that didn't exist that long ago.

  • Never in my life have I seen a coach not deliver a speech in intermission. That ad is lame!

    That ad is accurate. Sometimes you don't need to scream at the boys to make the point that they're playing like dog shit. Sometimes, they're perfectly good at feeling shame on their own.

    Focus less on the Oilers Sportsnet. Geez

    I saw this complaint elsewhere (LT's?) and I don't get it. For Flames home games, they use the Flames crew and have a Flames focus. For Oilers home games, it's the Oil crew and focus. Seems pretty obvious to me.

    Did you giys hear the Oiler chant?

    Sure did. Participated in one when I was at the preseason game. The Saddledome nosebleeds are both horrible and awesome.

    I had two half drank beers thrown at me. and lots of ice cubes.

    Shit, really? I've been to at least four Oilers games at the 'Dome in the last five years, and I've never had an issue.

  • That was only at the one game and I was sitting in the Rowdy cheaper section. It was just a couple of guys I assume because the other two times I was in the Dome for an oil game were two of the best times I have ever had at a game. The fans there treated us great. When the Oilers lost we were teased pretty hard and when we won it was pretty fun to give it back. It's such a neat experience to be cheering for the visitors at a game and the flames fans were very great to us. That is why I am going back again for the home and home at the end of the season.