Game Day B*tches 3: The perfect storm

Are the Gods of liquor poisoning kidding us? Back to back Fri-Sat night games against Calgary? Someone call the liver replacement clinic – we will need to book a 7 AM appointment on Monday morning.

There is only one thing we like better than hockey. Beer. Well hold up, include women in that. And automatic weapons. Yeah, that works. There are only three things we like better than hockey: beer, the ladies and automatic weapons. And 17th century harpsichord rhapsodies.

Back to back weekend games? This is big. Bigger than Hasselhoff in Germany big. Bigger than a Tupac “I’m not dead Tour” being announced. Bigger than … well you get the picture.

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Game time work

These Justice League Meetings on the Nation during the games are becoming a double edged sword. On the one hand we can’t leave OilersNation HQ and hit the streets of E-Town to interact with the party people during the game. On the other hand we can slam beers in our authentic 1991 Bill Ranford Jersey and scream at the top of our lungs at the powerplay without bothering the waitress.

Speaking of the waitress – we’d like to order a double head stomping of the Flames. And something with coconut on it. Thanks darlin’.

See you online at game time. What a weekend it is going to be.

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– You can catch Wanye Gretz in your sister’s room at exactly 1:15 AM tonight.