Wanye, what do you think of all this Oil vs blogs stuff?

Uh, who cares? Does that qualify as an opinion?

Here I will sum it up for those of you who aren’t sick to death of all this nonsense and didn’t read Brownlee’s take on things:

Dumb: The guy who quit blogging

Getting your wrist slapped by some PR guy working for the Oilers should be a hilarious badge of honour for an Oilers blogger. Having a ten-alarm hissy fit and announcing to the world that you are “quitting forever” in a dramatic scene worthy of an Oscar nomination is lame. I don’t know this dude from a hole in the ground but his writing was great and I will be sad to see him go.

Why quit doing something you enjoy doing?

I don’t get it.

Why disappoint your readers?

Doesn’t make sense.

Don’t worry, Nation. Your ol’ pal Wanye won’t quit. Not if the entire Oilers front office showed up at OilersNation HQ and had MacIntyre try and take a swing at us. We would counter with the stun gun we have on us at all times and give everyone within 100 feet the tasering of their lives.

See, there’s a difference between people who pretend not to care what people think and people who actually don’t care what people think. We enjoy writing on here because it’s fun. We like it when people chime in with their opinions. We like watching hockey and talking about it. That’s pretty much it. We couldn’t care less if some people don’t like us. The only person we want to like us is everyone’s hot sister and/or hot cousin. And they like us, they really do.

Dumber: The Oilers vs The Internet

Trying to hold back internet coverage of your team is a hilariously futile battle and you have to admire the nerve of the Oilers for even trying. If that is what they are trying to do by telling this blogging dude to stop. And it remains to be seen if there is some big “conspiracy theory” behind all of this.

Someone in the hurricane of all this activity told us “lots of your sites are going to get shut down.” You can’t “shut down a site.” It doesn’t work like that. There are no Offices of The Internet Ltd you can visit and register a complaint. You can’t make an application to shutdown@internet.com to have a site closed. If this were possible don’t you think all the Jihadist news agency websites or child pornography sites would have ceased operation by now? If they can’t do anything about sites causing actual harm to society, how on Earth—and who on Earth for that matter—is going to do something about Oilers bloggers?

It seems short-sighted to me to ignite a firestorm amongst the Oilers fans that dutifully log their opinions on their blogs each and every day. ‘Cause if they decide to get really upset about something they can carry that torch for ever. But fortunately everyone is too busy arguing with each other to be able to mount some sort of comeback strike.

Dumbest: The Prima Donna attitudes of all involved

Holy cow, reading all the comments from the party people, the writers of all the blogs, Brownlee and Gregor you have to think JJ whatever-his-name-is has to be smiling from his Oilers Office deep deep below the surface of the Earth.

Ever hear of divide and conquer? Remind me not to commit a crime with any writer in the blogosphere or the MSM. Everyone is turning on each other faster than you can say “Who cares about any of this anyway?”

We get it. Everyone who has ever hit a single key on a keyboard in the name of the Edmonton Oilers hates each other. All you need to do, it seems, to drive a wedge into the ‘sphere is single one person out. The resulting storm will divide everyone and eliminate any chance for taking cohesive action against the real enemy:

The Edmonton Oilers (?)

That can’t be right. The Oilers put the “Oilers” in OilersNation. They can’t be the enemy. Can they? Uh… *head explodes*

What the hell. Smarten up everyone.

Oh in case anyone cares about hockey anymore

The Oilers are 4–0. Remember them?

  • I disagree MJ. They can make noise and threaten to shut you down, which isn't at all the same thing. Most people will then decide how much legal expense and hassle they want to go through. The CP situation you're describing sounds different to me, in that it sounds like they were using copyrighted photographs. That's a clear cut no-no and one that leaves you exposed to paying damages even if it was unintentional.

    Hockey teams are in the public eye. They have the protection afforded to them by defamation law but fair comment is a pretty broad defence. If you're interested in this sort of stuff, take a look at this. The headnote really says it all.

    None of this, of course, is legal advice and you should all consult legal counsel before ever writing something and publishing it on the internet.

  • Rick… you're not missing the point. But since one of Oiler blogger's own submitted a passionate and emotional whine, everyone jumped on board with a powerful mob mentality. Unfortunately they reacted with knee-jerks that put most of them out with a concussion.

    The real joke is in the end said blogger convinced the Oilers that he was ignorant to the rules. He convinced them to re-instate his press pass. Then, unsatisfied, he decided to quit the blog, revoke his own credential and tell the world how victimized he was.

    Man, if only I could go public or better yet outright quit every time I have an issue with a client or boss.

  • Pension Plan Puppets: "Rick, you miss the point completely."

    Really? That's it?

    So a guy was caught doing something that he wasn't supposed to be doing and caught hell for it, that's the total extent of the outrage?

    Consider me unsympathetic then.

    So just to be clear, the hundreds of comments that have been expressed on the various blogs and websites since the first mention of this incident that includes all of the other scenarios I mentioned are just coincidental chatter?

    I am asking because I want to make sure I am not missing the point.

  • Oh sites like these can absolutely be shutdown there Wanye. Nearly 10 years ago, a Senators fan site akin to OilFans were given their cease and desist papers. My first request for press credential to the Oilers was using OilFans.com as my representing corporation. Then PR guy Bill Tuele sent the site to his legal department. They found nothing to shut us down and we have all happily co-existed.

    CalgaryPuck also had an issue with Canadian Press over their images. Cease-and-decist from CanPress and some kind talking from the CalPuck owners to keep operations intact.

  • Totally understand the Oiler's posistion, they have responsibility (i.e. contractual obligation) to their rights holders to control the unauthorized broadcast of their games. Agruments of "people can live blog off their blackberries or off the TV" are off base – this guy was in the press box, where the Oilers have complete control over the situation. What if he was doing a live voice broadcast over the internet – don't you think 630 Ched would take exception, and likely sue? It's a question of where to draw the line – and it seems to me like the Oilers picked a pretty rationale place to draw it.

  • PPP –

    "Washington actually has a written out policy on how they credential any bloggers that actually want to join the jokes in the press box."

    That's what happens when your owner Ted Leonsis is also a founder of AOL.

  • Rick, you miss the point completely. He was there doing his job and he did it but he had time to kill and decided to do something that he could just as easily have done from home in front of a television. Once the 'rule' was explained to him he apologized, tried to rectify the situation and was treated very poorly.

    The objections are based on that shabby treatment and the cinderblock heads at the Oilers that don't 'get' the internet.

    The credibility issue lies with ignorant people that think that every blogger is a secret journalist in training that wants to get credentials. Washington actually has a written out policy on how they credential any bloggers that actually want to join the jokes in the press box.

  • You raise an excellent point Rick. I don't really know what the main bone of contention is either. I kind of agree with Wayne here, the infighting is amazing to watch.

    Leave it to Wayne to find a picture like that.

  • It's been an entertaining few days but after trying to follow the story from forum to forum I am left more confused than ever.

    What are the objections being focused on?

    Is it the Oilers treatment of this Dave guy personally or is it the Oilers attempt to control the blogpsphere in general or is it the blogosphere's objection to not being considered a credible type of media or is it that some people feel that the MSM doesn't always present a honest and direct opinion on what is happening with or around the Oilers and as result have recieved preferential treatment?

    Too bad COI was the guy that ended up being the blogosphere's martyr in this whole thing because the content of his live blog reads like exhibit A on why there is a credibility issue with bloggers in general and it certainly doesn't seem deserving of a media pass.

    I know he was there on other more official business but it still comes off as a guy that wasn't taking his own credentials very seriously and like the old saying goes, you shouldn't shit where eat.

    This issue of bloggers and the Oilers would carry more weight if the incident occured with a blogger that was atleast posting in a professional tone.