GDB7: Don’t make it weird

Game time at 8 PM MST Lambs. The 3-4 Canucks and the now 4-2 Oilers will square off in what should be a good tilt on HNIC. Now we say SHOULD because the Oilers have had started to make things weird for us.

Not weird like the-Gloved-One-here-rolling-out-of-his-crypt-to-hang-with-Sigfried-and-Roy-weird but weird all the same.

See if a team sucks and they lose you say to yourself “oh that makes sense, they suck!” If they have suffered injuries and lose you say “If only hadn’t lost so-and-so. They would be way better.” If they had bad luck and some junk goal went in you say “better luck next time. That goal won’t always go in.

But what of the Oil? Out to a quick 4-0 start where they got away with a couple lucky wins – sure. But the last two games? Just plain weird. No jump, no defense, no offense, no heart, no physical play and no wins. This isn’t the Oilers team we have been dreaming about all summer. We know you are in there somewhere real Oilers team. What better time to come out of your funk than to lay a stomping on the Canucks on HNIC?

A final observation

Luke Schenn just tried to fight Chris Neil as we wrote this post in the first half of the double header. If he can take his 18 year old life in his hands at 5:18 PM, imagine what could be happening in three short hours?