Questions that need answers

The MacBlender is out again, although this time it’s on low rather than high. At practice this morning the lines were the same as the third period in Nashville.

Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
Nilsson – Cogliano – Gagner
Moreau – Pisani – Cole
MacIntyre – Brodziak– Pouliot

MacTavish has to be wondering what is going on with this team.

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We wonder about much more than that…

Why has Gagner, who is still playing 18 minutes a night, been so ineffective offensively?

Why can’t the Oilers win a key draw in their own zone?

Why can they only score in the second period? They’ve only tickled the twine three times in the first and third periods this season. They have 12 goals during the middle frame.

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Did Dustin Penner scare the hands out of his teammates in Jasper?

Will Ales Hemsky ever become a great player? Not just a talented player, but become one who can lead and carry a team?

Do the Oiler forwards realize that hitting is allowed? Outside of Cole (20) and Moreau (22) none of them have more than seven.

MacIntyre: 7
Stortini: 7
Nilsson: 6
Brodziak: 5
Penner: 5
Cogliano: 4
Hemsky: 4
Pisani: 4
Pouliot: 3
Gagner: 2
Horcoff: 1

One hit in nine games for Horcoff; he should have more just by accidentally running into the opposition.

If they aren’t scoring shouldn’t they at least be physical?

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I wonder if any girls are dressing up as Selene from Underworld tonight (A good thought is required now and then).

How long before Steve Tambellini has to shake things up?

Will MacTavish bench one of his top players to send a message? If so, who is the most (least?) worthy?

Who would have thought the Oilers would miss Reasoner or Stoll as much as they do?

Why is Roloson wearing Fuhr’s retro gear while Garon is honouring Ranford? shouldn’t it be the other way around based on their glove hands?

If some of these questions don’t get answered soon, the Oilers will have to make a major move before they get home.

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