GDB11: Top o’ the morning to you


What are you doing reading this? Seriously. Like WHAT time does this game start?

We love nothing more than hockey first thing in the morning. Seriously, first the Hallowe’en Massacre Friday night, where we ingested most of a cube of bud light and didn’t wear a costume though it was a Hallowe’en party. The “didn’t-think-people-were-dressing-up-and-came-straight-from work-with-no-costume-guy. ”

Then back to back matinees? WTF?

So Saturday at noon we went to bed super late and woke up super hungover and forgot the game started at one. Then we get a text from Spyn Cycle as we walked through the door that says “I just found out the game started at one. Did you know that?” No. But luckily the Justice League has better time management skills. Seriously we forget everything. We need to gave a carrier pigeon flap against he door to remind us 30 mins before the game starts.

God damn Americans NHL Executives and their love for matinees.

Yeah we went there girlfriend.

Hockey games are best played when it’s minus thirty out and you haven’t been seen the sun for hours already. Pitch black, not 11 AM – the day after a 1 PM Game and came out of nowhere. Late. Like 8:30 – 9:00 PM in Newfoundland late. This ain’t the NFL.

Will the Oilers win two in a row? Man, we hope so. A win today and they can make all the games matinees if it will help.  

– Wanye” ” Gretz