Monday morning meow meow

There’s a game coming up against the Penguins on Nov 6. We’re excited because:

  1. We only get to see Eastern Conference teams every seven years thanks to the schedule makers in NYC;
  2. We’re always excited; and,
  3. Because of all that nonsense with the pensblog, a win would mean getting to chirp the hell out of them. A loss, the inevitable backlash and name calling. Either way, good times.

You remember Pensblog right? The dirt squirrels who started telling off Brownlee and Gregor and were later engaged by jeanshortsandbaggedmilk at Wolf 359? We didn’t really know what to do about the matter. It wasn’t really our fight, but we do ever so love picking on people. At the same time we are trying to be on our best behaviour these days. You know, for the children.

So your ol’ pal Wanye—the Minister of Defence of the OilersNation—decided to email these pensblog people personally and said basically the following:

“Yeah, yeah everyone started telling each other off and it’s all so clever. Tell you what: why don’t we place a bet on the game? If the Pens beat the Oilers we will personally buy two of your site’s T-shirts and you can give them away as a gift from the OilersNation. Oilers win—you can have the honour of paying for the first two NationGear shirts—coming in Dec 2008.”

Basically we called them out. But we did it in a gentlemanly fashion via e-mail, not in a classy post like this. “Put a little walk in that talk, son. Or you can keep running your mouth all over the net. You pick.”

We tried to lay a wager, even though the Oil hadn’t been playing well enough to beat the Stockton Thunder let alone an actual NHL team.

Why would we do it? To separate the men from the boys, we suppose. Just like when one of your buddies starts running his mouth about how many goals Ryan Smyth will score vs Joffrey Lupul a few seasons back. You bet him $50 on the matter because you are a MAN.*

So all you pensblog fans and the writers themselves can know this. Sure “anyone can start a blog” and any jackass can go around calling people names and being so cute. But when push came to shove and someone asked you to put a teeny tiny little bit of money where your mouth is what do we get?

Dead silence.

So when the Oil beat the Pens on Thursday we can celebrate in the OilersNation with a clear conscience. If they should happen to lose (unlikely) all the people that stood with their mighty pensblog can revel in the fact that they are associated with complete… Well…

Meow meow pensblog. You know what you are.

*True story, you still owe me that money Foote.
  • akus

    So what we have here is……..

    Pensblog T-s>> I.O.U' T's??

    I think those IOU's should compound interest!!

    Who is this Goddard that you speak of? He must be a mop salesman.
    or a member of M.O.P

    Go Pens.

  • akus

    Sorry baggedmilk,didn't mean the one half of the tag team , jeanshorts and baggedmilk.

    I meant bagged milk. Something us ignant yanks do not have.

    So who wants to wear Charlie on their manly chest?


  • Smokin' Ray Burnt

    akus Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 4:37 pm
    So what we have here is……..

    Pensblog T-s>> I.O.U’ T’s??

    I think those IOU’s should compound interest!!

    Who is this Goddard that you speak of? He must be a mop salesman.
    or a member of M.O.P

    Go Pens.

    Umm Excuse me.

    Can you translate this for me? I only speak english.

  • adam

    the pensblog is a joke… what an amateurish, crap-looking site.

    i highly doubt they can boast the writing staff like the nation has got. even their 'funny' images are below par for a homebrew blog.

    i really hope the oil win against the pens, though i doubt this very much as the team will probably coast the next couple of games on the heels of their recent victories.

  • In a cringe-worthy segue from one of the most solid human beings in America to a blogwar being battled between dudes on opposites sides of the continent, we have some interesting news.

    We know the Blogger/MSM stuff was good for a day, then it's whatev.
    But now if you want to get up a little more for the Oilers game on Thursday, here's your chance.

    OILERSNATION invited us to partake in a wager.

    The loser of Thursday's game has to buy two shirts from the other blog's "store."
    What's better is that those shirts will then be handed out to people from the winning blog.

    So if the Pens win, OILERS NATION will buy two shirts from us. They'll give them to us to give away. We will try to come up with a contest that isn't a joke.

    This pretty much will be the culmination of the saga with OILERS NATION. Until the Pens trade Jordan Staal to Edmonton for Grant Fuhr.

    Sounds like sour grapes from a bunch of jerk-offs who close their site down because of smack talk.

    I would take that trade – Cocoa for JStaal is a a steal. We will throw in the goat too.

  • Malkamania 71

    OIL is goin DOWN! Brooks Orpik's gonna be handing out some free candy to you pansys and Bing is gonna bury it!!!!


    Mike Lange 4 Prez!

  • Malkamania 71

    HA JOKES ON YOU Democracy doesn't work!! LMAO! and as for your Mike Lange comment Nobody has the announcing style that he has NOONE!
    tune him in on WXDX.COM baby all you'll be hearing is "HEEEEEE SHOOTS AND SCORES!" "Slap me silly Sidney!"

  • Democracy doesn’t work

    The only reason that democracy DOESN'T work in the US is that all of the unemployed auto workers in OHIO who want a welfare cheque WILL get to decide that you get a socialist president…

    Have fun with higher taxes & more social programs – joke is on you.

  • Malkamania 71

    Hey Its not my fault that our government sucks…if it were my choice I would be living in Canada! (I'd still be a Pens fan tho)…oh and its Checks here not Cheque 😛