GDB12: Logo: 1 Wanye: 0

So as you know, the Oilers play the Blue Jackets tonight in Columbus at 5:30pm MST. What you don’t know is that we have a terrible confession to make. We must warn you—anyone who thinks that we are a “sentient being” may not want to read on as we are revealed to be a blathering idiot.

Last night we were watching the election in the US—we will spare you the tale of how happy we are with the results—and the topic quickly turned to the Oil and the week ahead. We go to the main page of the Nation to see the upcoming game and we see this logo:

This was the exact moment when one of the most terrible realizations of our lives hit us in the face like a Mike Tyson uppercut–pre crazy days.

Ready for this?

For however long the Blue Jackets have had this god awful logo—we have believed it was the All Star Game logo. We are that stupid. “But Wanye, don’t you watch sports highlights?” Yeah we do, but whenever Columbus comes on the screen we generally let our mind wander to other topics like monkey knife fights and rocket shoes. Seriously, what happened to this logo?

What happened to the dink mascot “Stinger?” Is he still around?

Yep, life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and take a look around once in awhile—you could miss it. Why on Earth would Columbus adopt a near identical logo to the All Star Game logo? Is the NHL Logo Design Department™ seriously running that thin on ideas?

Logo Guy 1: “Hey Gary—we need a logo for Columbus and we need it stat! That dink mascot was just caught driving down (insert Columbus road name here) with a dead hooker in the trunk. He needs to disappear—and fast.”

Logo Guy 2: “Uh… Uh… (runs around in a panic)”

Logo Guy 1: “Damn it Gary—now isn’t the time for panic! We need a logo and quick!”

Logo Guy 2: “We could… uh… (soils himself under extreme pressure)”

Logo Guy 1: “Ok think Richard, think. (massages head) Remember your training. You are the creative force that designed all 14 of the Phoenix Coyotes logos. You know you have it in you somewhere to design quality logos in a fraction of the time.”

(Spies all star game logo on the wall.)

Yep, it must have happened just like that.

I hate you Columbus Blue Jackets logo. I hate you so much.