Ducks lose Hemsky gets a ‘score’

Panthers 2; Ducks 1; Wanye 15

Here’s something to ponder as you sit at your computer waiting for Monday to end. The Honda Centre is one giant Travel Alberta ad. They have ads on the boards. They sponsor the trivia on the scoreboard. The jumbotron runs ads all the live long day telling Anaheimians to visit Canada’s Rocky Mountain Playground.

How cool is that? Super cool, that’s how cool that is.

Surfer dude

So we are helping ourselves to 15 delicious frosty cold ones in the intermission and we run into this surfer dude one of us knew from our last time down here. We can’t tell you how hilarious some Ducks fans are.

“Oh bro! How’s Edmonton? Uh huh, uh huh, bitchin! That Gagner isn’t doing so well to start the year is he? How many scores does he have?”


That’s so high-larious we’re ganking the term as our own.

More importantly

How about them Oilers? The largest cheer of the night from our dance crew came when the out-of-town scoreboard displayed Oilers deuce Devils uno. And Hemsky? Pardon me? Small score there, friend. Ales Hemsky is a bloody genius. After scoring that jim dandy of a score he celebrated by donating ten pints of his own blood then winning the Tour de France on a pogo stick.

What a rock star.

Now if you will pardon me I’m going to get a day-drunk going.