GDB 15: We run New York


Remember how Sather going to NYC was going to basically guarantee that they win the Stanley Cup for the next 100 years consecutively? Remember how once he was able to throw off the shackles of small-market finances, he would be able to use his hockey genius wizardry to ensure that they would be forced to change the name of the Stanley Cup to “the thing the Rangers always win?”

How’s that going for you by the way, Glen? It was only when the salary cap was brought in and you were forced into some financial constraint that things even remotely turned around. You are just one of histories greatest monsters, sir, and we can’t wait for the Oil to sting your terrible squad today and bring the annual CFR-rodeo-causing road trip to an end.

JDD gets the start too? What the hell kind of goaltending circus is MacT allowing to happen? Is this going to turn into the Markannen-Conklin rotating zoo of early 2006? Why do we get the feeling that if Satan himself showed up and made 35 starts MacT would sign him to a two-year deal…

Oh and…

How about that Ales Hemsky? We’re still watching that highlight reel from last night and sighing contentedly. Fifteen points in 14 games. He is such a rock star. Ales Hemsky got into a fight with Lance Armstrong about who had more testicles. Hemsky won by three.

Go Oil.