Plastic surgery oh so sexy

It took longer than the pyramids to build—but finally OilersNation 2.0 has arrived.

A new sexy look.

More functionality in the coming weeks:

  • RSS feeds
  • The ability to make a blog roll
  • A boob job and nose reduction

It’s almost all here, Nation, and it’s the new hotness.

This new site is the next phase of our Master Plan™. Now that the technical hurdles are out of the way, things are going to start happening—and fast.

Don’t we look sexy? Mmm mmm mmm.

The new era of the OilersNation begins now.

  • DJ Spyn Cycle

    Hey all,

    We apologize for the technical issues we are currently experiencing. We are working with our developers at RAMP Interactive to remedy the situation.

  • MJ

    Yikes. Sorry to hear that DJ Spyn Cycle. I never imagined this morning that this was a professional job. That's embarrassing. They better still be working, maybe even ordering pizzas. I know I'd be stuck at work if I made such a grand blunder.

    PS. If they're at work fixing this mistake and have spare tickets as a result, I can still make the game in time. 😉

  • Joey Moss

    i don't like the dual rows of ads on the site… it is super distracting and looks generally ugly. if you guys want more ad space just put it one side instead of enshrining your nice blog in adverts.

    i do like the new colours and textures. just drop the new row of ads on the left and add some more functionality and you guys are set!