GDB 18: Motor City Madness

It’s not quite River City Ransom, and it hardly has the cache of Edward Furlong’s Academy-Award-not-even-remotely-being-nominated-for performance in Detroit Rock City, but some terrifying and eye-catching hybrid of the two is taking place tonight. On skates. And ice.

And you can bet your ass the Justice League™ will be paying close attention, watching for facial ticks and heated exchanges of words as MacT continues to grey at an alarming rate, and Dustin Penner sits comfortably in the press box. Meanwhile, the entire ‘Sphere speculates on both of those guys’ futures with the club (check Lowetide, Covered in Oil and BDHS for some good comments on those issues).

All this off-and-on-ice furor is the result of MacT’s positively scathing indictment of Penner’s performance and attitude in the Edmonton Journal. I’m not going to add to the crap storm here. I’m just going to cross my fingers, consume a 15-pack of Vitamin-P and hope for a checkmark in the W column.

Go Oil!