GDB 18: Motor City Madness

It’s not quite River City Ransom, and it hardly has the cache of Edward Furlong’s Academy-Award-not-even-remotely-being-nominated-for performance in Detroit Rock City, but some terrifying and eye-catching hybrid of the two is taking place tonight. On skates. And ice.

And you can bet your ass the Justice League™ will be paying close attention, watching for facial ticks and heated exchanges of words as MacT continues to grey at an alarming rate, and Dustin Penner sits comfortably in the press box. Meanwhile, the entire ‘Sphere speculates on both of those guys’ futures with the club (check Lowetide, Covered in Oil and BDHS for some good comments on those issues).

All this off-and-on-ice furor is the result of MacT’s positively scathing indictment of Penner’s performance and attitude in the Edmonton Journal. I’m not going to add to the crap storm here. I’m just going to cross my fingers, consume a 15-pack of Vitamin-P and hope for a checkmark in the W column.

Go Oil!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Hey Mike Brophy, do you really think the three goalie situation is the main reason the Oilers are losing? All three of them have played pretty well. And that doesn't explain why we can't score/hit/skate/come to the rink remembering we are there to play hockey.
    It is an issue, but we have bigger things on our hands than having three goalies playing good hockey.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    What did you expect? Its the Detroit Red Wings. Well seasoned, world class Stanley Cup winners with maybe a new guy or so at best. Men against boys here. My guess is that they make most teams look like crap.

    Only question pre-game tonight was how many they were going to beat us by. The upside is that we'll have lots of instructional video footage for the rest of the season, because we were schooled big-time.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I propose a trade. MacT for Mr. T (aka Tortorelli).

    MacT has always been great with the media and would offer great insight and analysis on TV.

    BTW, what's with the free ride he gets with the Edmonton media these days, CHED excluded because we all know they can't be expected to bite the hand that feeds 'em?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    She's been the only upside to these Oiler losses all year.

    Jerry Mac, good question. Everyone likes to focus on this three goalie crap, or Penner being fat and lazy, but they never credit any of our downfalls to coaching or management. How many piss poor first periods do we need to have for them to bring up the fact that something behind the scenes isn't working.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    So I come back from playing hockey to watch my PVR'd 3rd period in the hopes that the Oil mount a wicked comeback…and all I get is more bleh. 🙁

    Pisani's ankle is apparently broken too. 🙁

  • I'm a Scientist!

    since the 06 cup run this team has sunk lower and lower, here are some of the bigger mistakes made by Lowe & co. i can name:

    1. mishandled moving pronger, whats was the rush exactly?

    2. moving smyth was an unmitigated disaster and the ripples can still be seen today – the oil lack jam, a presence in front of the net and are effectively without a personality

    3. picking up duds like pitkanen and penner are no great achievement – particularly considering the cost of the RFA offer sheet

    4. hiring another ex-oiler buchberger and bouncing daum, reeks of favoritism

    5. butchering projects like lupul and schremp, has probably cost this team about 50 goals for each of the last 2 seasons

    6. stocking a roster with 3 goalies twice in the last 4 years

    7. questionable drafting in the first and second rounds

    8. overstocking right wingers, forcing players out of position

    9. keeping a coach after a 20 game losing streak

    many of these moves can be traced to nepotism, lack of foresight, hasty decision making and general arrogance.

    Lowe had better turn it around or when it comes time for Katz to do some cost-benefit analysis he may come out on the negative side.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Joey Moss you are bang on!!! Lowe has proven to be very indecisive most times and when he does make a decision it almost always seems to be the wrong one. I think MacT's frustration with Lowe's moves is coming to a head. MacT went way overboard on Penner making him virtually worthless if there were to be an attempt to deal him. The pompous ass that Brian Burke is doesn't preclude the fact that he is looking better every day in his assessment of Lowe!!!
    Mr. Katz you bought a house that needed some upgrading and remodeling. A coat of paint ("promotion" of Lowe) and a some new carpets (Tambellini) isn't your style. This place is rotting from the inside out… get out the heavy equipment and get to work sir!!!