OilersNation turns one!

Ah the vagueries of the internet.

November 16, 2007: Decide to start Oilers fan site. Buy domain name. Give GoDaddy our credit number and select “auto renew domain.”

November 16, 2008: After a long night of tomfoolery, get woken up to blackberry going crazy with people asking why the Nation is down. Mentally accuse slowest web developers ever of somehow botching this too.

Stumble to laptop, read yesterday’s email from GoDaddy stating that the credit card used to purchase domain name has expired and cannot auto-renew domain. Remember new credit card tucked safely in wallet.

Curse blueberry vodka and Red Bull. Renew domain name. Wait patiently for Nation to comeback online. Write apologetic post to Citizens of the Nation.

Crack open beer and go to beach.

Happy birthday Nation!