GDB 19: A ship on fire

While most of his teammates failed to break a sweat, Saint Fernando di Pisani found a way to break his ankle against Detroit last night en route to a 4–0 loss.

This injury may be replicated in the other bones of other Oilers by a hilariously irate Coach MacTavish—who is throwing out sound bites though his very career depends on it.

My, these are heady times to be a fan of the Mighty Oil, aren’t they? The much-heralded New Era has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start wouldn’t you say?

Nothing that a match against the Squadron from Columbus can’t fix, is it? For you see the… Uh…


  • george

    Mactavish is a good coach, great person. In seven years with the oil , he's made the playoffs a few times. Had one deep run. Never finished with more than 41 wins. The team has arguably more talent now than ever during his tenure, yet they're still headed for the same round about 40 win season…… it time we find someone else to lead these boys?

  • Travis Dakin

    It was mentioned yesterday but this team is a disaster from top to bottom. Yeah they have a few wins but have tehy eer looked dominating at any point this season? Watching them get thouroughly schooled in every aspect of the game of hockey by an infinitely better squadron in Detroit really hurt my eyes and put a lot of things in perspective. Really, something has to change now. I mean right now. I think it will be a relief for Fernando to get to sit out for a month or so. It probably hurts more having to play on this team righ now. Dammit.